Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Getting back in shape after having a baby is about more than just seeing the numbers go back down to our pre-pregnancy weight on the scale. It’s about regaining our strength, muscle tone and energy so that we can be in tip top shape for keeping up with our little ones.

When I was pregnant with my son, I gained a total of 28 pounds and had about 11 pounds to lose after he was born. 11 pounds really isn’t much to lose after having a baby, but my body was no longer toned and in shape so working out was the only way to get the results I wanted.

Going to the gym and doing my own workouts seemed daunting and I was afraid I wouldn’t be motivated if I started my own workout routine alone. I decided to join a local kettlebell gym that was having a 60 day fitness challenge.

All of the workouts were done in a group class setting and the main workout routines revolved around kettlebells. I noticed results within my first week (along with a healthy diet which I will share in a future post). I was amazed at how much cardio and strength training I could achieve in 1 hour just by using kettlebells. I will share some of my favorite kettlebell workouts in a future post as well. I worked out 4 days per week for the entire 60 days.

When the 60 day challenge was over, my BMI was down 50% (wow!) and I had lost 10 pounds. Not only that, but my body was much more toned and I was so much stronger.

Here are my before and after results! Remember, this all happened in only 60 days and this is 4 months postpartum. I had a c-section so had to wait 6 weeks before starting a workout routine.

When the challenge was over, I joined a regular gym and just maintain my weight by doing a combination of running (I have always loved running), cardio, and strength training in which I always incorporate kettlebells.

This is me 1 year postpartum with my firstborn. The picture below isn’t great because I was just taking them for my own progress. At that time I wasn’t planning on sharing them with anyone! But these are real pictures, no editing, just raw reality. (PS: how cute is Charlie, I can’t believe he is 3 years old now!)

Fast forward to 2016, I got pregnant again and this time gained 40 pounds with my second pregnancy! I had about 15 pounds to lose and lost most of it by doing my own workout routines. I still have about 5 pounds of pregnancy weight to lose from my second pregnancy but am more focused on being healthy and fit than my actual weight.

On the left I am pregnant with my first and on the right with my second:

The key things I have learned in my journey to get back in shape after having a baby are that a healthy diet and working out go hand in hand. I have also learned that you should not be as focused on the numbers on the scale, but on how your clothes fit and how you feel.

I currently workout 3 days per week (sometimes more if I have time) and have started up my healthy eating plan from my first pregnancy to shed those last stubborn pounds!

Food is fuel for your body and I plan on sharing some of my favorite recipes, meal plans and tips! I will also do a post on how to ease back into working out after having a c-section, I had c-sections with both of my babies. I was also breastfeeding and have some information on how to maintain supply while working out.

I went back and forth a million times trying to decide if I want to share these pictures or not. There are so many women in much better shape than I am but I also wanted to show that even a regular, busy mom like me can make fitness/health goals and achieve them. I was very inspired by many bloggers who got back in shape after having a baby and hope to inspire other mom’s out there who are searching for information on being healthier and living an active lifestyle! You can do this!

If there are any other fitness/postpartum/c-section or any topics you want to know about, send me a quick e-mail or leave them in the comments section below.

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  1. I had a c section about two months ago and am afraid to start working out.. I would love to know how you started working out again after your c sections…

    1. Hi Fallon,
      I am going to be covering the topic of c-sections and working out in a future post next week 🙂
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Great work ! I would love to hear how you lost weight and kept your milk supply up. (Did you make sure not to go under a certain amount of calories). Also would love to hear how you would keep the kids occupied during home workouts (would you workout before they got up or trade off with your husband)

    1. Hi Shannon,
      I am working on a post and will answer all of your question above! Stay tuned in the next few days 🙂

  3. How do you stay motivated long term? I get really motivated for a few weeks at a time and then get lazy again. It’s like a vicious cycle for me!

    1. Hi Lindsay,

      To be honest, I have times where I workout less and am less motivated and that is ok but I don’t let it stay that way too long. I have asked my husband to support me by reminding me to keep up with my goals and I also just make it a priority. Often times I don’t feel like working out or eating healthy and I force myself to do it knowing that I will feel great after I am done. I also remind myself that it is easier to be consistent than have my healthy and weight yo-yo up and down. It is hard to lose 10 lbs gained but easy to maintain a constant weight.

      Thanks for the comment!

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