weekend update


A quick weekend update:

–>Husband and I rode our bikes to our favorite soccer bar and watched the Barcelona vs. Madrid soccer game

–>We tried a new breakfast place called The Blue Pig. The best eggs benedict I’ve ever had!

–>Jason went to a Ducks football game with his buddies on Saturday so I spent most of the day with my sister. We sat at a coffee shop for literally hours and talked about anything & everything, like sisters do. Then we went and watched Pitch Perfect. Yes, we love cheesy chic flicks and this was definitely one of them!

–>Our house is still a mess, and that is ok. It’s an excuse to not have to worry about things being perfect. According to the contractors, it should be done by the end of this week. Keeping our fingers crossed!

PS: Sorry the picture quality isn’t all that great. My iPhone has been my camera lately since my Cannon is packed away somewhere during the remodel.

Today is Monday.

Weekend, why did you have to leave so soon?

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