We Sold Our House!

I was waiting to announce this until we officially signed the paperwork – we are MOVING!

We listed our house for sale last month and it sold within the first week.

I have all sorts of emotions right now from happy and excited to sad and bittersweet.

We bought this house 7 years ago and at that time, it was in our dream neighborhood. We spent a year looking for a house we could afford in this area and found our little gem by owner on Craigslist.

It’s a funny story actually, we were looking for “For Sale by Owner” homes because some of them were more competitively priced than the houses on the market at that time.

The neighborhood we live in is called “Laurelhurst” and when I was searching “For Sale by Owner” homes on Craigslist I misspelled the neighborhood name and this house popped up!

Whoever listed the home on Craigslist also spelled “Laurelhurst” wrong by one letter. Coincidence? I think not!

It was run down and needed a major facelift but it was priced about 200k under what Zillow and Redfin were estimating it was worth.

I called right away to make an appointment to see the house and the rest is history. It was meant to be ours. Had I not misspelled the neighborhood name, I would have never found our home!

When we bought it, lots of people criticized us and said it was a junky home and they couldn’t believe we bought it but, we didn’t care.

I instantly fell in love with the 1940’s character of the home and all of the possibilities and projects we could do. Over the next few years we remodeled the entire home, inside and out.

We brought both of our babies home to this house. Had three different dogs and have the most beautiful memories here.

If you know anything about the Portland housing market, then you know it’s in a big bubble right now. House prices have sky rocketed over the years, especially in neighborhoods like Laurelhurst.

The decision to sell our home wasn’t easy but it made financial sense. So, we decided to list it and see what happens and here we are today!

We haven’t found a new home we love yet so we are renting a cute little condo for now. I love the little condo we are moving into and am excited for this next chapter of our lives.

Typing this is making me feel a little sad but it’s ok. The house might not be ours anymore but the memories I get to take with me forever.

Moving day is Wednesday this week! If you follow me on Instagram, I will share lots of videos of moving day and our new condo on my stories.

Here’s to new adventures for the Pacurar gang!

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  1. Congrats how exciting! So many new adventures to come!

  2. Make a more new posts please 🙂

  3. Just caught up. Yes portland housing market is crazy! Congrats on selling & selling so quickly. We just moved in June but only 1.5 blocks away, lol. Looking forward to following along and seeing where you end up. So many great neighborhoods in Portland you can’t go wrong! xx

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