Ways to Be a Happier Mom

I’m generally a pretty happy person, but of course, I have my days like the rest of us.

I noticed when things don’t go my way for several days in a row, it can start to wear down on my joy and I need to keep it in check and not let myself slide into a spiral of negativity.

Sometimes with kids, schedules, to-do lists piling up, and the many daily curve balls life throws us, being a “happy” mom can be a challenge some days.

Here are some ways that I am a happier mom!

Get Enough Sleep

This is sooo important, get enough sleep! This may not always be easy with a newborn, but nap when baby naps and ask for help from your husband and family or friends to catch a few extra hours of sleep.

I can go a few days with less sleep, but once it catches up to me it can be rough. I’ve learned that in order to be happy, I need to make sleep a priority.

This means being disciplined and turning off our Netflix binge shows at a reasonable time and going to bed like responsible adults (just oonnee more episode!)…. doesn’t always happen but we try to stick to it!

When I’m tired I have less energy, less patience and overall am less happy.

Alone Time

I’m an extrovert so I generally don’t like to be alone. I thrive off of being around other people, noise, and I love the hustle and bustle of being busy.

With that being said, I have learned the value and importance of alone time. Of taking a break and letting your mind clear and slow down.

Ever since becoming a mom I have realized that I am much happier when I can have some time alone.

For my alone time I go to the gym (yes the kids come with me but they are in kids club so I workout alone), I get my nails done every few weeks, I go thrifting, or I meet a friend for lunch or coffee.

Whatever it is that I do, I do it without the kids around. Don’t feel guilty, you need it to refresh and recharge.

Wake Up Early

This may not apply for everyone but it sure has worked wonders for making my day start on a positive, happy note!

This ties in with getting enough sleep because you can’t really wake up early if you go to bed too late, but I have found that I have better days when I wake up early.

That time in the early morning where I wake up and drink my coffee, unload the dishwasher and start a load of laundry gives me a head start on my day.

I feel like I am ahead rather than waking up late and losing that extra hour or two.

Rather than waking up with a large list and two kids asking me what’s for breakfast and what are we doing today, I’m already ahead and ready for the next part of our day (before the day even starts)!

Get Out of the House

We get out of the house every single day. I cannot imagine staying inside day after day.

We go to the gym every day Monday – Friday, we go grocery shopping, we go to a coffee, shop, we go on walks or to the park.

Rain or shine, we do something every day.

Getting out of the house and connecting to the real world is nice when you’re home alone with the kids a lot. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

Sometimes if the kids are having an off day, I will even just load them in the car and go for a ride. I play their favorite Disney songs on the radio and it gives me a breather to just sit and relax too.

Grateful Heart

This is one of the biggest things that keeps me “happy.” I try to have a grateful heart.

This basically means I focus on the positive and the good, the blessings, rather than all of the things in my life that aren’t going my way.

Why dwell on the negative, especially on things that are out of your control?

No matter our circumstance, there is always something to be grateful for.

Date Night

I look forward to our weekly date nights almost more than anything. Jason is my best friend and I am always happier when we have alone time to reconnect and catch up.

Yes, we live together and he works from home, so we are literally together aaallll the time. But we are busy all day so even though we are in the same house all day long, we aren’t stopping to connect and really have one on one conversations.

They usually get interrupted by the little ones or by things we have going on. Let’s be real, life is busy!

But, there’s nothing like leaving the house together and “dating” again.

Play Dates

Although sometimes play dates can be exhausting, they are so important.

This is where you connect with other moms while the kids play.

You can share your struggles and victories and see that we are all going through the exact same “mom things.”

It makes you feel human again, and normal when you realize they are going through the same things as you!


I make it a point to unplug for extended periods of time every day. If I go to the gym, I stay off my phone and just listen to music and workout.

When I am playing with the kids or hanging out with Jason, we leave our phones on the counter.

It is just good to unplug and live in the moment as much as possible throughout the day.

Also, if you find that social media and perfectly curated feeds are bringing you down, unplug and stop looking. Remove whatever is making you unhappy!

Let It Go

Let it go mama. Like my mom used to say, “this too shall pass.”

You know how many times I stressed over things that I thought were SUCH a big deal in the moment?! Looking back at my “first time mom” self, I laugh and think, “gosh, I made life really hard for myself sometimes, and for no reason.”

Learn to let it go. It will pass. Today’s tantrum will pass, the dishes will eventually get done, their colds and fevers will go down, and I promise, the day will come when your kids will SLEEP!

Let it go 🙂

Stop the Mom Guilt

Read all about this one in my post here! There are some things moms should just never feel guilty about. If you are the mom that is unhappy because you feel guilty about everything, then read it!

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Here’s to a HAPPY Monday friends!

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