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Touches of Spring in our Home


IMG_8874 IMG_8987 IMG_8883


Ribbet collage



Yellows, blues and greens.

Billy bobs and fresh flowers.

Love birds on my mantle.

Spring candles and colorful pillows.

The warm sun shining through my sheer white curtains and warming up the room.


These are all a few things that make my living room full of spring.

I know it’s only January – but I’m ready for spring.

I’m ready to plant flowers in my pots and see nature begin to bloom.


The beautiful sunny weather we had this weekend got me spring cleaning.

I’ve been going through closets, drawers and spaces in our home.

I pulled out my spring décor and did a little redecorating.


These photos make me happy.

In a few months spring will be here in full bloom.

Here’s to warmer weather, longer days and more time spent outdoors…. coming soon.



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