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Top 10 June Best Sellers

June Best Sellers

I share a lot of stuff on my Instagram stories that don’t always make it to the blog as an official blog post.

Last month when we went to the beach, I shared this photo on my Instagram stories and got a ton of questions about my pink top.

The questions kept coming in for days after the post on my story with people saying “you shared a pink top a few days ago, can you share where it is from?”

I try to be really good about linking everything I share on my account here, but I know some of you don’t always catch my stories in real time.

This gave me the idea to do a monthly recap of my monthly best sellers.

If you missed it on my stories, you can find it here and as always, you can shop items I share via:

So here are the June Best Sellers! Some of these items sold out, but I shared them anyways in case they come back in stock.

Shop June Best Sellers:

Vitamin A Top
Vitamin A Top
Vitamin A Top
Olaplex Bonding Oil
Bucket Drawstring Bag
H&M Smocked Top
ASOS Slingback Pumps
Slingback pumps
Lack of Color Rancher Hat
Vitamin Sea Playa Shirt
Ray Ban 53mm Retro Sunglasses
MAC Honeylove
Agolde Shorts

Olaplex Bonding Oil: I share this on my stories often because it is the best hair product ever! I use it every-time I wash my hair before blow drying and it makes my hair soft, silky and so shiny.

Bucket Bag: I shared this bucket bag last week because it is so similar to the one I have but it sold out so fast! Hopefully it comes back in stock soon, it’s so cute!

H&M Smocked Top:  This was my #1 Best Seller for June! I have this top in black and white and the price is sooo good!

Ray Ban Sunglasses: Are you sick of hearing me talk about these yet? They are the best sunglasses ever, and I know you guys love them because they were a best seller in June!

ASOS Slingback Pumps: These are similar to my Zara ones and so cute. Glad you guys liked them! Whenever I have items that are sold out, I try to link up similar styles.

Nordstrom Slingback Pumps: Here is another similar style that was a best seller in June.

Here I am wearing my Zara ones that I got last season:

Lack of Color Rancher Hat: It’s no secret that I’m a hat lover! This is my fav hat at the moment.

Vitamin A Swim Cover/Pink Top: Yes, this is a swim cover but I love tying it in front and wearing it as a top! I linked up multiple colors because the pink is sold out almost everywhere.

MAC Honeylove Lipstick: My everyday lip color! This is a pretty, matte finish lip color that I wear daily! Color is: HoneyLove

Agolde Shorts: My favorite shorts. They are high waisted, soft and not too short. They are literally the perfect pair!

Below I am wearing this same pink top that a lot of you loved!

I wore this outfit on Friday when we went shopping around town.

One of my favorite home stores was having a sale and I needed a few more items for our house.

These jeans I am wearing are super affordable and so flattering.

They are high waisted and there’s a reason they are called “mom” jeans!

They are functional, comfortable and practical.

They run a little small, so size up one size!

Shop My Look:

Topshop Mom Jeans
Vitamin Sea Playa Shirt
Givenchy Small Antigona Box Leather Satchel
Ray Ban 53mm Retro Sunglasses
Black Sandal
Zara Sandals

I hope you all had a fun and safe 4th of July!

We had a big backyard BBQ at my parents house followed by fireworks in the neighborhood.

Even with all of the craziness of 2020, we are still proud to call America our home!

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