Tips for Staying Cozy this Winter

Long winters can be hard sometimes, especially when you are snowed in with little ones. This year we have been hit with several snow and ice storms and I’ve decided to make the most of it by making our home a cozy atmosphere for my family.

Rather than moping around waiting for the cold days to end, I decided to be more intentional of how we spend our time this season. Here are a few ways that we are staying cozy and entertained this winter!

1. Make your space and wardrobe cozy:

There are certain things that I love about winter like a thick warm coat, a piping hot cup of tea in my favorite mug, cozy blankets, slippers and more. I’ve put together a little list below of some ways I am staying cozy and listed some of my favorite products. I also did a little children’s edition, because as a mom, I like to make sure my kids are nice and cozy too!

You will see that I listed a warm coat, tea kettle, my favorite mugs, some warm slippers, blankets and sweaters, a good lip palm and a nice wicker basket to store fire wood or a warm blanket in. Whatever it is that makes you feel better in the winter, keep those items nearby and fill your space with them.

As for the kids, having lots of books and activities while being snowed in helps them stay occupied and enjoy indoor play. I listed a tee-pee, some cool crayons, a book that I love for my kids and a few other items. How cute are those cloud pillows by the way?? I don’t have them but plan on ordering some for my kids playroom.

Creating a cozy space might look different for each of us but I’m sure we can all agree that a warm fire, warm layers, your favorite drink and some cozy clothes really make a difference! Throw in a couple winter decor pieces like a sheepskin rug and some candles and you’re all set.

2. Gather around the table:

In general as a rule, we have dinner together every night at the dinner table. Unless one of us has to work late or something really important comes up, we rarely skip our nightly dinners together.

There is no television on in the background or other distractions, just good old fashioned family dinner. When we first got married, we decided that dinner together as a family is such an important time for us to come together and talk about our day and just catch up and spend quality time together before the bedtime routine starts. Once the kids arrived, we realized even more why this tradition is so crucial to bringing us close each day.

Winter is a great time to gather around the table more often not only for meals but for games, coloring and other activities. When snowed in we like to all gather around and bake muffins or just sit at the table and enjoy hot chocolate and good conversations. We bought a new dining table about a year ago and if you see it now,  you can see that it is already worn in nicely, but we do not mind because many great memories are being made when we gather.

Take this as an opportunity to spend more time focusing on each other and unplugging, even if it is only for a short amount of time each day.

3. Spend time outdoors:

Although cold and wet, going outdoors each day can really help your mood. It’s not easy getting the kids dressed and out the door, I mean let’s face it, there are sweaters, hats, coats, jackets and boots to layer on. I’m usually sweaty and tired before we even get outside!

However, once we go outside they always have so much fun and I notice they are more calm and in better moods when we go back inside.

I really do think fresh air and the outdoors does wonders for your winter mood; snow, rain or shine! Try to spend 15 minutes or more outside each day. It can be a quick walk or even just sitting outside on your front porch for a little.

4. Plan a spring or summer vacation:

Each winter we like to plan out our vacations for the year. Some years we take one long vacation, other years we take several shorter trips that extend over weekends.

Whatever your vacation plans are, getting them reserved and planned will give you something exciting to look forward to.

If a full trip isn’t in your budget, then see if you can plan other activities like a marathon, or see what local events are coming up in your city. Add them to your calendar, you can even look for days that you want to go to the beach or have friends over for a barbecue or birthday.

Each season brings new activities and new perspective. Take time to enjoy each one!

As for this winter season, stay warm and cozy!

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