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Thrifting 101

I love thrift shopping and have been doing it for years! My mom used to love going and my sister and I would always tag along.

Some of my favorite wardrobe items have actually been thrifted (like the pants I am wearing in these photos).

I became what some people (my husband) call a “thriftaholic” and started finding so many awesome treasures, not only to wear but for my home.

My husband started noticing that my “collection” was growing so he suggested I open an Etsy store. I thought that was a great idea and that is just what I did!

I basically turned my love for thrifting into a little side business.

Going often you learn to develop a little strategy for how to find things, what to look for, and how to get the best bargains.

If you love thrifting, here are seven ways to get the most out of your thrift hunts!

Think outside Goodwill

Although I do love Goodwill, I feel like their prices have really gone up lately. If I am going to buy something that is second hand, even if it is in like-new condition, I still want to pay as little as possible. Otherwise I will just go buy it brand new at full price!

Goodwill’s are convenient because they are easy to find and pretty organized. However, try other stores like The Salvation Army or Gospel Mission type thrift stores. Those tend to have the best prices and they have half off days.

My favorite Salvation Army has half off the entire store on Wednesdays, so I try to go first thing in the morning to get first pick. Half off days are pretty busy, so go early!

Also, search online for one-off thrift stores in your area that are sponsored by churches, charities or non-profits. They usually have a great selection and great prices as well.

Best Days to Shop

When you go to a thrift store, make sure you talk to someone who works there and ask them what days they stock new items. These will be the days you want to go so that you can get first pick of all the good stuff.

Sometimes you can find this information by reading online reviews, but if not, asking a store associate is the way to go.

Take Your Time

Don’t expect to be in and out in five minutes. Thrift shopping takes time.

I noticed a lot of people who go to thrift stores just skim over, but the ones who pull out the best treasures are the ones that roll their sleeves up and get down and dirty.

I literally go down each isle. If I am looking for a great pair of jeans (I love finding vintage Levi’s) then I touch and look at each pair hanging on the rack.

Touch things, pick them up, try them on. You will be surprised what items people overlook when they just quickly skim over.

Finders keepers 😉

Fitting Room Racks & Checkout Counters

If I don’t have as much time as I would like, I start with the fitting room racks.

This is where everything that people have tried on but don’t want are put before being placed back in the store.

It’s like shopping a pre-selected rack. Sometimes I score some really great clothing items here.

Most thrift stores keep brand name items or collectibles near or behind the checkout counters. Don’t forget to look there, this is where I usually find designer shoes or handbags like this Kate Spade bag I am wearing in this post.

I’ve even found a pair of designer sunglasses before!

Bring Cash

Not all thrift stores accept card, so always have cash on hand. Also, if you thrift shop on a Friday or Saturday, you may run into a good garage sale or two on the way, which leads me to my next point.

Garage & Estate Sales

I used to stay away from Estate Sales because I thought you could only get access if you are part of some sort of special list. This is true in some cases, but most estate sales are open to the public.

I have found the best furniture pieces at estate sales along with collectibles and home decor items. The prices are awesome!

The same goes for Garage Sales. This is why I like to keep cash on hand, because if I see an Estate Sale or Garage Sale sign, you better believe I am pulling over!

Think Outside the Box

Clothes are a little more wrinkled and not as nicely arranged at thrift stores but, don’t let that fool you. If you find an item that you like but aren’t really sure about, try it on!

Think outside the box. I never disregard anything. If it’s too big, I grab a belt and try that on or I try tucking in an oversized shirt.

Can you sew on new buttons, dry clean, get alterations, or just wipe some scuffs away on a pair of shoes and make them look new?

You have to imagine the item once you give it a little makeover but most of the time a simple wash and iron does the trick.

A little TLC goes a long way.

I put together a little thrift haul video showing everything I found on my recent shopping trip and I will share that soon!

I also have a hair tutorial coming up as well! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how I curl my hair so I wanted to share that with you all 🙂

Happy first day of September!

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