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Thrifted Treasures – Home Series

I am really really excited about this new several part series that I am starting on momming.com about all of the Thrifted Treasures in my home!

Over the next few months I will be sharing parts of my home and how I have decorated a big part of it with thrifted treasures, both new and vintage!

First I want to talk a little about my “background” in thrifting and how it became such a big part of my life!

It all starts with my beautiful mom! She is by far the best bargain hunter I know. From garage sales to thrift stores, she had it down to an art.

She could always  make something out of nothing and I remember her seeing the vision in something that most people would pass up. It really was like an art and she taught me to look at the potential in even the most random things.

Whenever we had a little free time, my sister and I would tag along and spend hours down every isle in her favorite thrift stores.

She loved thrifting anything from home decor to clothes and beyond and she managed to find the most beautiful, unique treasures.

Some of my most cherished memories and friendship moments with my mom were during our thrift shopping trips, so it just naturally became a huge part of me.

Fast forward several years down the road and I got married and we moved into our very own home! We purchased most of our large furniture items new such as our bed, couches, etc.

Once all of that was purchased, I started filling the rest of the space with thrifted treasures that I would find at garage sales and thrift stores.

Eventually, this hobby of mine was taking over our cupboards and closets.

I had accumulated so many beautiful, mainly vintage, items that we were running out of storage space for them.

I am always arranging and rearranging so I would just cycle different pieces out so they weren’t just sitting there collecting dust, however my husband one day had an awesome idea!

He said, “hey, why don’t you turn your hobby into a business and open an Etsy store? You might as well make money doing what you love”

So, what do you think I did next?

You guessed it, I opened an Etsy store in the winter of 2015 and made two sales and $200 profit on my very first day of opening my shop! It was the best feeling in the world!

I ran my Etsy store for about two years and was consistently making a profit each month just by selling little vintage treasures.

It was pretty amazing!

During this time I got pregnant and had Charlie and then Claire, so my time was more limited otherwise I think I could have really taken the store to the next level.

I closed my store and transferred all of my inventory that I didn’t want to keep over to someone else who took it over because between blogging and motherhood, I just don’t have the time to keep up with the sales and inventory.

PC & Video: Spotted Stills Photography

So, I no longer have an Etsy store but we have since moved into another new home (4.5 years ago) that we have been restoring and remodeling.

We bought a 1940’s home in our favorite neighborhood in Portland and so it was a blank canvas for me to not only remodel how we want it, but also fill with more treasures!

I still love thrifting as much as the first time my mom let me tag along and it will always be a part of who I am.

My kids now often come along with me and I imagine that someday Claire and I can build our own beautiful memories over a hobby we can both share and love.

In this series I will be sharing parts of my home and how I decorated it with both new and used treasures.

I will be sharing all of my tips and tricks that I learned over the years along with where I shop, what I look for, and how I put things together when I bring them home.

Like I said, I am really excited to share my love for making beautiful things out of something used or old.


Welcome to my home 🙂

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  1. Girl, I am so obsessed already! I can’t wait to see more and gather inspiration from your posts for my own home!

    1. Thank you for following along! <3 I'm excited to share more!!

  2. I like your rug! 🙂 can you share where is it from?

    1. Hi Lily! My rug is from Overstock! I actually just bought it two weeks ago and I love it! Here is the direct link: http://rstyle.me/~aaPri

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