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Thrifted Treasures – My Favorite Thrift Shops in Portland

Ever since I started sharing more of my thrifted pieces for home and clothing, I have been getting a ton of requests for a list of my favorite thrift shops.

Well, wait no more, here is the much anticipated list!

If you live in the Portland/Metro area or plan on visiting anytime soon, you are in luck because we have some of the best thrift shopping I have ever seen! I’ve thrift shopped in pretty much every city I’ve been to and have always had the best luck in Portland.

For example, here are the sorts of things that I have found: pictured above, everything on my fireplace mantle is 100% thrifted, the candle sticks on my coffee table are thrifted as well as the little plate my succulent is resting on. That gorgeous danish wicker chair (see more options here) in the corner by the windows is also thrifted (well Craigslist actually, but it’s still second hand!) and lastly, my television console that you can barely see in this picture was also thrifted and restored by my husband.

I recently went to Anthropologie and saw a gorgeous round mirror, similar to the one on my mantle, as well as an arrangement of brass and glass candle stick holders. Rather than paying full price, I just took the inspiration with me and created the same look for much cheaper by thrifting it all!

So, let’s get into the list! In no particular order, here are my top 10 favorite thrift shopping destinations in the Portland/Metro area!

Red White & Blue – Great prices and I have found a few upscale brands here in the front area!

Salvation Army – These are all over town and I have been to most of these in the Portland/Metro area. I love that they are open until 9:00pm and Wednesdays, everything is half off!

Union Gospel Mission – Love, love, love this one! I have the best luck finding vintage home decor here as well as adorable, brand name children’s clothing! They have a great selection of furniture too. I have a mid century dresser in our bedroom that I purchased from here for $25! The prices are so awesome! I used to come here every week when I had an Etsy store and they know me now!

Value Village – This one is right down the street from the Union Gospel Mission so I would always frequent these two back to back. Again, great prices and lots of selection of everything!

-Goodwill on Burnside – I don’t go to Goodwill as often because I feel like their prices are high for a second hand store but, there are two locations that I love because of their great selection! The first one is Goodwill in downtown Portland on Burnside. They don’t have a dedicated website for it but the address is: 2215 W Burnside St. Portland, OR 97210.

-Goodwill Grand Ave – This is the second location that I often visit and this is a Goodwill Super Store so it is huge! The address is: 1943 SE 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97214. – Also checkout the Goodwill Outlets! They just throw everything in bins but you literally get everything for like $1.00. I have found some amazing things in these bins, just bring gloves and an open mind!

Village Merchants – Ok, I cannot believe more people don’t know about this place, it is amaaziiinnnngggg! It is pretty close to my home so I have been going here almost weekly now ever since my coworker introduced me to it. The prices are really good and they have such a great selection! I have gotten so many pretty home pieces from here include the huge mirror on my mantle that so many of you have inquired about.

Rerun – They just opened a second location about five minutes from our house about a year ago and I love it! Awesome furniture finds and vintage clothing!

William Temple House Thrift Store – Another little hidden gem in the city! This was probably one of my moms favorite thrift stores. They often have brands like Prada, Gucci and others at a great price (mostly vintage) which I love! Definitely also a favorite of mine as well.

House of Vintage – This one is walking distance to us, and so when we go on our “walks” I will stop in with the kids often. It’s huge with multiple vendors. They have everything you can imagine and at great prices. Such a fun favorite of mine!

Here I am pictured in Goodwill on Grand Ave. I am wearing a pair of thrifted trousers that I found a while back and love and trying on a hat that I found that day. I did a Thrifting 101 blog post a few months ago and you can read more about that here.

I will be sharing more thrifted haul type videos as well as thrifted outfits, and of course, lots more on my home decor.

Next week I will share more pictures of our living room and entry way and how I decorated it on a budget with mainly thrifted pieces. I plan on also doing a post soon on how to give your kitchen a “facelift” on a budget (I recently thrifted the most amazing kitchen island for $160!) and then share my kids nurseries, and the before and after of our master suite remodel!

I am going to share as much as possible so that by the time I am done with this thrifting series, you will be a thrifting pro and you will hate paying full price for anything ever again! If you have any specific questions, please leave them in the comments below!

Happy thrifting!

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