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The Sunglasses I Wear Year Round

Anytime I wear these Ray Ban sunglasses I get questions about them.

They are the best sunglasses I’ve ever owned, hands down.

PS: They are 20% off at Nordstrom through June 21st!

I know these sunglasses are a little more pricey, but I would rather own one or two good pairs of sunglasses that I actually wear and love than a bunch of cheap ones that either break easily, scratch, or just don’t work with everyday outfits.

I’ve owned more expensive pairs and more affordable pairs and these are still always my go-to choice.

For starters, they are excellent quality and don’t stretch out or slide down your nose.

Secondly, they literally go with anything you are wearing, for any occasion, and through all seasons – the sun doesn’t just shine in the summer!

Here is how I’ve worn these sunglasses through the seasons:





How I take Care of my Sunglasses:

My sunglasses have traveled to Europe and back, Maui multiple times, family trips, road trips, every season, and they’ve been surviving everyday motherhood.

I’ve yet to replace them and this is how I take care of my sunglasses so that they last me a long time.

Keep them in a hard case – when not on my face, my sunglasses are in their hard case at all times. As soon as I take them off my face I put them directly in the hard case. Even if I am at a restaurant or sipping coffee with a friend, I take them off and put them in the case, not on the table next to me. If they get put on the table they can fall off and crack, get spilled on and get forgotten when you leave. PS: when you purchase these sunglasses, they should come with a Ray Ban hard case and it is a really nice one!

Carry them in your purse – the case is always in my purse. When I take them off and put them in the case, I also put the case directly in my bag. This again prevents them from getting left behind or lost. If they live in my purse, then I will always have them with me when I want to wear them.

Clean them regularly – I wipe my sunglasses regularly with a special cloth or a cotton shirt. Make sure you use a soft fabric so that you don’t scratch the lense. I also wipe them right away if they get wet so that they don’t get water spots or stains.

Do not let the kids touch them – my kids know that my sunglasses are off limits. I’ve explained to them that sunglasses are one item they are not aloud to touch or play with and because they know this, they don’t even try!

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