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The Inside Scoop on Buying Designer Items for Less

Happy Friday!

I’ve been focusing on creating content on this blog based on your messages and feedback and what seems to interest you all most!

I get a lot of messages from people telling me that they love it when I share ways to have nice things without breaking the bank and I’m so glad that so many of you find my tips helpful!

You’ve probably seen me wearing designer bags and shoes and I want to let you in on a little secret, they aren’t always brand new! Some of them were brand new gifts from my husband or items that I bought brand new with money I saved up from blogging.

But some of them are pre-owned and I bet you never would have even known!

I love The RealReal because you can get designer items at a huge discount. It’s basically a huge online luxury consignment shop and this is where I often look for items that I want.

This Louis Vuitton bag that I am wearing in this post is from The RealReal and I paid half the price for it. I like brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and YSL because their handbag and shoe styles are pretty classic. You can wear them for years without feeling like they are “so last season.”

The problem is that they come at a pretty hefty price tag, so why pay full price when you can own a gently used version?

The descriptions on the site are really good and they list any blemishes and show images. You will see that most of their stuff is in really, really great condition.

They also only sell authentic items so you don’t have to worry about someone selling you a knock off version.

I’ve never received something that wasn’t in the condition  it was described online.

This Louis Vuitton bag has become my recent everyday bag and I feel so good about not paying full price for it. But shhh, no one has to know 😉

Go check out The RealReal and see if there’s something you like 🙂

Here are some items I’ve been eyeballing recently:

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