The Best Stocking Stuffers for Kids of All Ages

The Best Stocking Stuffers for kids

Happy Friday!

Can you believe we are already halfway through November? Where does the time go?

Today I’m sharing another Gift Guide but this time I’m going to give you some ideas for stocking stuffers for kids. Enjoy!

RBUK Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty 9 Lives Surprise

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From the Nickelodeon TV Show, there’s plenty of unboxing fun with the all-new Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty 9 lives surprise.

This little toy, although small enough to hold in your hand, has SO much inside of it!

It comes with 9 surprises including mini-figures, stickers, and more!


Far Out Toys – Pulp Heroes Snap Bots Marvel (Captain America)

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For the Marvel Fans, these little Pupl Hero Snap Bots are pretty cool!

Bring the Snap Bots to life by ejecting them from their comic book sleeves, and transforming them from 2D to 3D.

Each Pulp Hero comes with a carrying sleeve, featuring comic-book-inspired art that is unique to each individual character.

Collect them all: Hulk, Thor, Star Lord, Groot, Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man!

Zoli Chubby Gummi

Zoli Chubby Gummi

Via Amazon

Oral health is sooo important!

I’ve been brushing my littles ones gums before they even had teeth!

This little gum brushes make a great stocking stuffer, baby shower gift, and so on and are definitely a necessity!

They also provide relief from teething pain buy massaging the gums.

The set includes two per pack, Easy-to-hold handle with integrated anti-choke shield Soft, textured tip to soothe baby’s gums, and best of all they are BPA & phthalate free!

Hairdorables Short Cuts Doll- Series 1 (Styles May Vary)

Baby Shark Puppet

Via Amazon

Baby shark makes its debut again and this time in puppet form!

This shark plays the song with tempo control so you can have your own recreating of the famous YouTube video!

Buy a few and all their little toddler friends can play together!

Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Baby Toys & Gifts for Ages 1 to 2, Multi

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This simple yet brilliant push and pop toy is perfect for babies and toddlers ages 10 months+.

The bright colors and 5 vibrant silicone bubbles are the perfect portable, sensory delight.

It allows babies to engage their senses while encouraging fine motor skills, sensory exploration and cause, and effect learning.

Calico Critters Baby Collectibles – Baby Shopping Series

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My little Claire loves Calico Critters! If you have a little girl that also loves Calico Critters, then she’s going to love the Baby Collectibles from the Baby Shopping Series!

There are 9 different babies (including a secret one) and it’s a surprise which one you’ll get.

So cute and a perfect stocking stuffer!

Pomsies 1882 Pinky Plush Interactive Toys, One Size, Pink/White

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Pomsies come in a number of fun animals, including kittens, puppies, unicorns, even an adorable dragon!

They can hook on a child’s backpack, purse, etc. to take with them just about anywhere and each Pomsie makes over 50 sounds!

L.O.L Suprise Dolls

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Perhaps one of the most popular toys right now for girls, the LOL Surprise Dolls.

With so many to collect, it just doesn’t stop!

These make great stocking stuffers and gifts and you can make an entire collection!

They are so cute!

Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

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What kid doesn’t like Knock Knock jokes? This book has lots of funny ones that are also clean and wholesome!

Your child can memorize them or bring them to school to crack up their friends.

Q-Man magnets

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If you haven’t seen these before, check them out! They are so cool and popular among middle school-aged kids!

With Magnets on their hands and feet, you can combine them to form funny positions that will keep the whole family entertained.

Rubiks Cube

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A classic Rubiks cube never gets old and makes a great stocking stuffer.

Turn and twist the sides of the cube so that each of the six faces only has one color

Snark Guitar, Bass & Violin Tuner

Via Amazon

For the musician child in your family, this Snark Tuner is an awesome stocking stuffer!

They can take it anywhere and tune their instrument when they need it.

Finger Flashlights

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These lights are so cool, you put them on your finger and they basically are finger flashlights!

The glow rings are designed with elastic strap, so that you can attach to any fingers, pens or other objects.

Kindle for Kids

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I love the Kindle for kids because they can’t get to adult content and there are so many great movies, shows, games and activities!

You can even create screen time limits, set educational goals, and filter content with easy-to-use parental controls.

This is a great item to have for traveling or when your kids want a little down time.

Light Up Rubber Ducky

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You baby and bath-lovers will love these cute little Light up Rubber Duckies!

The ducks light up brightly, your kids will love playing with them during bath time.

How Wheel 5-Pack

Via Amazon

I feel like Charlie can never have enough Hot Wheels.

This pack of five is only $4.99 and will fit perfectly inside a stocking!


Via Amazon

These little cuties make great stocking stuffers!

Claire loves these little eggs that have a surprise toy inside! There are several to choose from so your kid can collect them all!

Mini Batman Signal

Via Amazon

Rather than a traditional night light, this cool batman light displays the Batman symbol on your wall!

Another unique and fun stocking stuffer idea for the Marvel lovers.

Mini Drone for Kids

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This Mini Drone for Kids fits in the palm of your hand and right into a stocking.

It plays music and is easy to fly so your child can practice and have lots of fun with it.

3D 360° flip performance, cool LED lighting is impressive! The 3 speed mode also gives the kids an exciting flight experience.

AmazaPens – Gel Pens for Kids

Via Amazon

Collect them all!

Don’t worry parents, they are washable 🙂

These mini glitter gel ink pens are fun to practice writing and they write nice and smooth and clean.

I hope this gave you some new ideas for your kids!

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The Best Stocking Stuffers for kids

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