The Best Gifts for Toddlers

Best Gifts for Toddlers

Happy Wednesday!

I’m back again today with another Gift Guide but for Toddlers!

I love the Toddler stage when they are new walkers, exploring and learning so much!

All of the gifts in this guide are ones that your toddler will not only love, but will help develop their motor skills, sensory, and start introducing them to basic concepts like shapes, colors and numbers!

Hope it is helpful!

GeoMag Magicube Magnetic Building Blocks

Geo Magic Cubes

Via Amazon

The classic building blocks have always been a toddler favorite and Magicube has made an even better version, magnetic building blocks!

Kids love these because you can build up or attach them on any side.

Makes building fun and easy!




My kids get new pajamas for Christmas every year.

Peejamas are overnight training pants for your bed-wetting child but they look and feel like normal PJ’s!

If you have a toddler that you are potty training, these are a great alternative to pull ups.

Peejamas help your kids potty train more quickly with the function of regular pajamas but the absorbancy of night time pants.

WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Melody Shape Sorter


Via Walmart

“Baby shark doo doo doo doo doo”

I bet that will be stuck in your head all day now! If your toddler is anything like mine then they love this song!

This Baby Shark Melody Shape Sorter brings the fun of the famous song right to your toddler.

The nice thing about this toy is that your toddler will learn their shapes while listening to fun music.

aGREATLIFE Wooden Balancing Cactus Toy for Kids and Toddlers

Via Amazon

Another fun little building game for toddlers is the Wooden Balancing Cactus Toy.

Basically you keep adding spikes and sabas and try not to let the toy tip over!

It works on fine motor skills and creativity!


LeapFrog LeapBuilders 123 Fix-It Truck

Via Amazon

This is the perfect toddler truck set because you can build on your truck to make it bigger or smaller.

The set comes with 31 total pieces making it versatile and interactive.

While you build, the Smart Car actually interacts with your child with songs and phrases.

My son loved these when he was little!

Galileo Premium Strollcycle with Deluxe Canopy

Galileo Strollcycle

Via Walmart

I shared this in my Best Gifts for Baby Guide but wanted to add it here as well because it grows with your child and can be used at the toddler stage as well!

With simple adjustments, it’s a ride to push for kids 10 to 18 months, a strollcycle for 18 to 30 months, and a trike for 30 to 36 months.

It’s perfect for families that are on the go a-lot and your little one might get bored in a stroller.

It features protective bars, adjustable pedals that can lock, steering wheel with adjustable control, seatbelt, back wheel lock, curved safety seat, and detachable shading canopy.

Fisher-Price Little People A Christmas Story

Fisher Price Little People Christmas Story

Via Walmart

This set is adorable!

My daughter has tons of these Fisher-Price Little People and this nativity set is perfect for Christmas.

You can even buy it before Christmas to help teach your little toddler all about the true meaning of the Holiday!


Lumi Pets

Via Walmart

These are cute LED nursery lights for kids.

Both of my kids still sleep with a night light and LumiPet has the cutest ones!

The awesome thing about these pets is that your child can sleep in bed with them!

It provides a little bit of light while providing comfort and security for your toddler. Learn more about them, they are pretty cool!

The Learning Journey Early Learning – Little Tunes Tambourine

The Learning Journey Early Learning

Via Amazon

I’ve heard that music is really important in the auditory development of our children and I believe it!

Our kids always played with little music toys and this one is so fun!

This handheld percussion toy plays all kinds of music while building dexterity and gaining exposure to the basics of music and sound.

HeroDrive Marvel Smash

HeroDrive Marvel mash

Via Amazon

This is the coolest toddler car!

What little boy doesn’t love superheroes and cars?! This toy combines both and when you smash the car into a wall, the Spider Man web pops up!

It is build really well so that it won’t break when dropped or smashed into things.

It makes a really great first car for a little toddler!

Melissa & Doug Children’s Book – Poke-A-Dot: Old Macdonald’S Farm (Board Book with Buttons To Pop)

Poke a Dot

Via Amazon

Toddlers can’t stop popping!

Poke the irresistible click-to-count buttons to hear satisfying “clicks” and “pops” as you count down the animals on old MacDonald’s farm!

This 20-page interactive book lets kid pop along as they sing and follow the adorable stories!

Poke-A-Dot books are a great way to encourage language development, counting, and fine motor skills.

Trust me, this is a good one!

Learning Resources Serving Shapes Tea Set, Learning Shapes & Colors Toy

tea set

Via Amazon

Toddlers first tea set!

It’s so cute and has numbers so you can start introducing numbers as they play!

This set includes a colorful pop and five teacups and saucers.

Here’s a pretend tea party set to enhance fine motor skills as well as color, number, and shape recognition.

WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Puppet with Tempo Control – Daddy Shark – Interactive Preschool Plush Toy

baby shark

Via Walmart

Baby shark makes its debut again and this time in puppet form!

This shark plays the song with tempo control so you can have your own recreating of the famous YouTube video!

Buy a few and all their little toddler friends can play together!

CamelBak eddy Kids BPA Free Water Bottle

Via Amazon

My kids are always carrying their waters around!

This cute one by CamelBak comes in 44 different colors and designs to choose from!

They are spill proof and BPA Free!

ECR4Kids Birch Hardwood Single-Sided Bookcase Display Stand for Kids with 5 Shelves

Book Shelf

Via Amazon

Toddlers usually start showing more and more interest in books and so this is a great way to organize them at their level.

With this bookshelf your toddlers can easily see and reach their favorite books.

I bought this for my kids play room this year and am so glad I did! I see my kids reading more and keeping their own books organized by putting them back on the shelf when they are done:

Disney Frozen Elsa’s Ice Palace by Little People

Via Walmart

My little Claire loves Frozen and both of my kids have loved Disney movies from early on!

This is a perfect little Frozen set for a toddler because the pieces are easy to hold but they aren’t small enough to choke on.

With cool lights, wintry sounds and music, this transforming Little People playset lets kids recreate the magic of the film right in the palms of their hands.

The set comes with Queen Elsa, Olaf and the frozen palace.

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Best Gifts for Toddlers

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