Sweaters and Slippers Kind of Day

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I’ve been fighting a nasty, stubborn cough that just won’t let me be.

Every third word that comes out of my mouth is replaced by a cough followed by an apology because I feel like I’m starting to annoy everyone around me with the constant coughing…

You know what I mean?

Then when the evening rolls around and I finally get into bed and get comfortable and am on the very verge of falling asleep, that dreaded tickle starts to creep up in the back of my throat that leads to eyes watering, followed by a cough that won’t go away until it completely wakes you up and everyone else in the house.

So that’s my rant on this cough that I feel like is finally subsiding due to lots of apple cider vinegar (thanks to one of you who suggested it!), hot tea with honey, and hot homemade chicken soup.

Oh and it’s all fueled by loads of coffee 🙂

We spent pretty much the entire day inside with the exception of a quick trip to the gym.

Claire has been “playing doctor” and Charlie has been enjoying a day off from school.

He has parent/teacher conferences today and tomorrow so I get both kids home with me.

Both kids napped (which rarely happens anymore) and I washed and even curled my hair because today is the first day in about a week that I’ve felt better, so why not?

I have nowhere to go, but sometimes it feels good to just “get ready.”

We are currently all laying in bed watching Madagascar 2 while I work on blog posts and photo editing… it has been a pretty good Thursday so far.

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, here are the two coats I got from Zara!

Zara Coat
Camel Zara Coat

I can’t wait to style them! They are so perfect for Fall and Winter!

Let’s see.. what else is new?

Regarding our house… we are still waiting on the city to approve our plans. It’s been 11 weeks since we closed on the house and I feel like we are so close! Any day now we should get the green light!

I will be sure to keep you all updated!

Well I think that’s all I really have for now! Just a quick little life update!

Happy Thursday!

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