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Successful Online Shopping Guide


I rarely go to an actual store to shop for clothes or accessories anymore. Once in a while I like to shop in an actual store, but as a mom of two, finding a few hours to shop and try clothes on just isn’t feasible.

Browsing for specific things online and then having them just arrive at my doorstep is so convenient and time efficient. I also love trying what I purchased on in the comfort of my own home with other items in my closet.

Here are my tips for having a successful online shopping experience, always:

Return Policy:

Always choose stores that have a good return policy. Make sure you can either return by shipping the item(s) back or returning at a local store. For example, I love Nordstrom’s online return policy because you can either ship the item back or return it at any Nordstrom store in your area. Make sure you read whether they will give you a full refund on returns or just store credit.

Save on Shipping:

My favorite places to shop have free shipping and returns. They just include a return label with your items for convenience and I love that. Some stores only offer free shipping and returns if you spend over a certain dollar amount. If this is the case, I like to buy multiple sizes of each item and then just return the items that don’t fit. That is a great way to reach the minimum for free shipping and also have the convenience of trying on multiple sizes. It is a win-win in my opinion!

Read Full Product Descriptions

Before making a purchase, be sure you read the entire product description. Make sure you read the materials, style and care information. This will keep you from being surprised when an item arrives and it is nothing like what you expected.

Watch Product Videos

Many online stores post catwalk videos or videos with models wearing the products. Seeing the product in motion really helps you get an idea of what it actually looks like from all angles. ASOS has great catwalk videos of all their products.

Size Charts

Know your measurements and read the size charts! This is important because not all sizes are the same. Some brands run small while others run large. Read the size charts because they will tell you how to measure yourself to best choose the right size.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are so helpful because they give so much insight on sizing, quality and fit. Many times the reviews will mention if a product runs big or small, is longer or shorter than expected, etc. They will also let you know if a product is not worth buying, so you can avoid making a bad purchase. If the site doesn’t offer reviews, try searching the product on other sites to see if there are reviews.

Other Photos

Some online stores such as ASOS will include customer photos. Customers can upload a picture of themselves wearing the product. These photos are awesome because you can get ideas on how the item fits and how to style it different ways. If customer photos are not available on the site, you can look it up on Pinterest, the brand’s Instagram or social pages and on other bloggers.

Coupon Codes

Most online stores have some sort of sale or coupon code. Make sure you always look those up before shopping so that you know how to apply them to get the best deals. Sites like RetailMeNot offer great coupon codes!

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