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Although I’m posting pictures of me in an outfit I wore earlier this week, I’m really going to be talking about “mom” stuff because that is what is really on my mind today!

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you saw my stories with Claire and how she wasn’t feeling well.

Well, here’s the story to all that:

So on Tuesday morning Claire had a fever that lasted all day. She kept complaining that she was trying to poop but couldn’t.

She was super fussy and irritable and had a hard time napping. She was clearly in some sort of pain which of course, worries us so much as parents.

I thought I would just monitor her until Wednesday morning to see how she does. Well she basically was up all night in pain, moaning and rolling up in a ball.

My initial thought was that maybe she has a urinary tract infection or is constipated, or both. She started complaining of back pain too which is a sure sign of a urinary tract infection.

Anyways, we were up all night cuddling and bonding into the wee hours of the morning (I’m being sacrastic here).

We were up all night, she was in pain and I was trying to comfort her. You know the drill mamas.

We finally both fell asleep for a little around 2:30ish am and at 4:00am I woke up to check on Claire. She had a high fever so I woke her up and gave her some Tylenol.

We tried to fall back asleep but it didn’t really happen for either of us.

7:00am rolled around and Jason was getting ready for work. I got up and got ready as well and Claire and I plopped down on the couch to cartoons and cuddles (and coffee for me!!).

At about 10:00am Claire was almost inconsolable so I decided to take her in for a checkup.

At 12:15 we go in and the doctor looked at her and said the same things I suspected: UTI, constipation, or virus of sorts.

They tried to get her to pee in a cup to get a urine sample but that failed miserably. They then attached this bag thing to her lower parts in hopes that it would catch her pee, but it’s like Claire knew it was there. 1.5 hours later, no pee.

Then the doctor came in and said they had to do a catheter!?!? Let’s just say it wasn’t pleasant at all and I had to leave the room.

The urine sample came back negative for UTI. So next order of business, time to figure out what is causing her so much pain!

The doctor felt around and said her stomach felt really hard. They told me to go home and do a glycerine suppository. One thing I  CANNOT do is probe my children when they are ill or in pain. It makes me so wheezy!

Nonetheless, I waited until my husband came home and we managed to successfully use the suppository and literally, not exaggerating here, within minutes she had a bowl movement.

I changed her diaper and it was like nothing ever happened!? She got up all smiley and asked for some food. We went outside and watered the flowers and she was all happy and go lucky.

I put her to bed nice and early at 7pm so she can catch up on all her missed sleep and I haven’t heard a peep out of her since.

What I am trying to say with all of this is that all of these shenanigans were the result of constipation… (well with exception to the fever but it’s interesting that even her fever was gone by the time I put her to bed. Makes me think it must have been related to that).

Can you believe this? So much stress, discomfort and lost sleep over a bowel movement?

I usually go and start googling symptoms when my kids are sick and I’m so glad I didn’t this time because God knows what I would have read online only to find that she was just really constipated.

It’s amazing how much we take on as mothers. Some of you might read this and think it’s ridiculous that I stressed over what turned out to be something so simple but as a mom, even the tiniest sliver or scrape hurts you probably more than it hurts your babies.

God made us this way. To be extra loving, extra caring, and extra super human to be able to stay up night after night nurturing and comforting our little ones.

I never regret any moment spent being a mom, even days like these where all I ate was a bag of cheetos and a coffee and I barely made it off the couch.

My healthy eating plan went out the window, my workout never happened and I don’t think I drank one glass of water (I should go do that now!).

You forget that you are hungry, thirsty or that you yourself need to use the bathroom! All you think about is the next thing you need to do to make your child happy and comfortable.

I think this is pretty amazing. There really is nothing like a mothers love.

If you are a mom, make sure you remember that!!! You are amazing and everything you do for your little ones is soooo important!!!!!

Enjoy every moment and know that the most important thing we will ever do in our entire life is raise our little ones! What a gift <3

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