Story Time: Favorite Books Part 2

For Charlie’s 4th birthday party back in September, rather than having people bring more toys or clothes as gifts (he literally has every toy imaginable!), we had them bring books!

I am so so happy that we did this because Charlie got over 20 new books to add to his library and he is still cycling through them all.

Here is another roundup of some of our favorite books right now! As I have mentioned before, our kids love to read and so our library of children’s books is constantly growing!


You can see our list of Charlie’s favorite children’s books from summertime here.

We just love sitting down and reading books a few times per day.

It is a great quiet activity to do anytime and especially before bed. Reading before bed helps the kids unwind and settle in before going to sleep.

I also love reading him books that I used to read as a child! Corduroy was one of my all time favorite children’s books and I love being able to share the same stories with our kids.

What are some of your favorite children’s books?

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