Spring and To-Do Lists

Today was one of those days where I had a million things on my to-do list and didn’t get to any of them. I went to bed last night feeling motivated to wake up extra early and start my day (I set my alarm for 6:30am).  I was planning on waking up and putting all of our bed sheets in the wash, feeding the kids breakfast and be at the gym by 8:00am. After the gym I was planning on running a few errands and sorting through our large upstairs closet that is full of children’s clothes that don’t fit, random coats and jackets, throw pillows, miscellaneous decor frames and God know what else.

9:15am rolled around and I was sitting on the couch in my pajamas drinking coffee while watching The Lion King with the kids. The dishes from breakfast were in the sink, sheets were still on the bed and nothing on my to do list had been checked off. Isn’t it amazing how you can be so motivated one moment and the next just not be up for anything?

Right about that time a good friend of mine text me to get my butt off the couch and go to cycle class with her. I rushed upstairs, threw something on myself and the kids and made it just in time before the class started.

We ended up spending the afternoon together while the kids splashed around in the pond. It was such a good day and just what I needed.

Often times I get so distracted by my to-do lists that I get uptight about just letting those things go and enjoying the best things like a killer cycle class, coffee with a friend and watching the kids have the time of their lives throwing rocks into a pond.

The days that my plans go out the window and that I let go and go with the flow seem to be my favorite. With the sun being out more and the weather getting warmer, I need to make a more conscious effort to go enjoy it and leave my lists for later.

When I came home I quickly did the dishes, put all the sheets in the wash, made dinner and tidied up the house. When Jason came home from work we ate and even had time for a walk around the neighborhood.

I just folded the last load of laundry right before sitting down to write this post. I could have done all of these chores earlier and missed out on such a great day, but I’m glad I didn’t <3

(These pictures are from a few weeks ago when we went to go see the Cherry Blossoms on Waterfront Park! You can see my Cherry Blossom post from last year here too!).


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