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Snow Day

I’ve been eyeballing a pair of Sorel Boots for some time now but never actually bought them for myself. With all this snow we have been having Jason decided to surprise me with a pair, and they seriously are the most comfortable, pretty snow boots ever!

I was actually lounging around in my pajamas all day and got showered and dressed to go to the store with him but then got a conference call and he had to leave without me (don’t think I was just lounging around the house with my makeup and lipstick done all day). On most snow days, you can find me in my pajamas at 2:00pm, sipping coffee and lounging around with the kids. Trust me, #ididnotwakeuplikethis.

In fact, I have to say that getting the kids dressed and out the door to play in the snow is a chore in itself. Usually when I try to get Charlie dressed, he runs and I have to chase him around the living room as he thinks we are playing catch. I never know if I should dress myself first or last, either way I am sweating and tired by the time we walk out the front door. But once you step out into the snow it’s all worth it.

We had record snowfall in Portland this year, so we definitely are enjoying having it around. Yesterday afternoon we took Charlie on his sled around the neighborhood. He would play in the snow all day if he could.

From what the news is telling us, the snow will stick around through Sunday. I don’t mind spending extra time indoors with the family. Being snowed in gives us a good reason to slow down and enjoy being with each other and the kids.

Boots can be found HERE or HERE

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Entire outfit: Boot can be found HERE or in other colors HERE. My jeans and black turtle neck are HERE and HERE. My sweater is vintage.

Happy Friday!

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