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Simple Ways To Look Stylish Every Day

I’ve always been into fashion and trends. I love trying new styles and pieces and I love getting ready each day and looking put together.

Staying stylish and trendy doesn’t have to take you hours each day. In fact, I actually get ready in 15-20 minutes every day and that includes makeup and all!

As a mom I don’t have time to spend hours in front of the mirror and so I have picked up some tips and tricks along the way that have helped make getting ready easy and quick, without sacrificing style.

Shower at Night

I used to shower every morning before I had kids but now my mornings are so limited. I shower every night so that saves at least 20-30 minutes in the morning!

It works really well for me because I workout in the evenings when the kids are in bed and then shower and dry my hair. If you find that showering in the morning is just taking too long, try showering at night for a week and see how you like it!

It’s actually pretty amazing how quickly you can get ready when you don’t have to shower first thing!

Closet Staples

If you find yourself saying “I have so many clothes and nothing to wear” then you have a little bit of a problem. This was me a few years ago until I learned the concept and importance of “closet staples”.

You can have lots of pretty floral things, stripes, etc, but if you don’t have a good pair of jeans or basic shoe to pair them with, then you can’t even wear them!

Closet staples include a few good fitting jeans, a few nice blazers, a leather jacket, basic white and black tops, a few basic skirts (like this white denim one that can be worn a million different ways), black and brown booties, basic pumps, etc.

Build your closet around pieces that you can wear every day and that you love how they fit. Then no matter what you pair your closet staples with, they always look great.

Everyday Makeup Routine

I have my every day makeup routine down to a T. I use the same 4-5 products every day and do my makeup the same every day. I know that I like how my every day makeup looks and so it is safe and quick.

Find a makeup look that you love and that you can wear any day and stick with it when getting ready each morning.

Go-to Hairstyles

Along with your everyday makeup routine, find your go-to hairstyles.

I wash my hair 2-3 times per week, so I usually wear my hair straight after a wash. I then curl it on day two and wear it curled for a few days, and then throw it in a bun or wear a hat on day 3-4 before washing it again.

This is my day 2 curled hair in these pics.


Accessories are your friend. These are what make an outfit look more chic and stylish. I am really just wearing a very basic outfit here, but the hat and bucket bag give it a fun, more trendy look.

Stock up on fun hats, scarves and jewelry. Don’t be afraid to be bold with accessories either.

I am loving all the fun fall hat trends this year and have been experimenting with different looks and love it!


No matter what I am wearing, I feel like a pop of color on my lips makes me look instantly fresh and put together.

Lately I am loving all shades of red. Lipstick is no longer just for date night or going out, it can be part of any outfit from casual to dressy.


These shoes from Aetrex are sooo comfy and light! I love how city chic they are! Checkout more of their shoes here.

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Hopefully this helps you get a little organized with your closet and helps getting ready each morning a breeze!

Thanks for stopping by! 😉


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