Running for Health – My new 2 week goal!!

I have decided to take on a new challenge: begin running again! Not necessarily for weight loss, but for health. I used to run a lot a few years back and when life got busy this is something I gave up.

In order to stay motivated, I am going to set a goal that I feel is motivational and attainable!

My goal is to run 2 miles every day (Mon-Saturday) for two weeks! Yesterday was my first day and I successfully completed a two mile run! In fact I just got back from my second 2 mile run and it feels awesome! Friday August 5th will be the end of my two weeks! After that, I will set another goal and continue running 🙂

Wish me luck and if you are a runner and have any tips that you use to stay motivated please share!!! I will post my progress so you all can hold me accountable!

Have an awesome weekend!

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