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Rock Band Tee

Today was super productive! I organized the kids entire room, every single corner.

Charlie starts school in 3 weeks and I had to go through his clothes to see what fits, what doesn’t and what else he needs for the school year.

I recently went Back to School shopping for Charlie and will be sharing a 3 part post: Clothing, Supplies, and Food for Lunch/Snacks!

Tomorrow I will share the first post and I will show you how we organized his clothes and what I bought him in terms of clothing for school! I’ll share my favorite affordable, yet trendy places to shop for kids!

Stay tuned for that tomorrow!

After we cleaned their room, I met a friend for lunch for her Birthday. Her Birthday isn’t until the 20th but she is due to have a baby any day now so I didn’t want to miss one last chance to hangout before her little one arrives!

You mamas know that once a baby is here, life gets reaaaallllyyy busy for a while 😉

AND then after that I came home, picked up the kids and drove to the East side to pickup their immunization records for school and we ran by the DEQ. With rush hour, we ended up being on the road for 3 hours. I got home at 6:30 and straight into pajamas! It felt like such a long day but I love days where I get a lot done!

Here my Thursday outfit of the day! All outfit details are linked at the bottom of this post!

PS: Today was 63 degrees and felt like Fall so I pulled out my Fall booties. Too soon?

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HM Skirt
Rockband Tee
Lack of Color – Paco Dome Hat
Chloe Studded Boots
Rancher Hat – Lack of Color
Chloe Studded Boot Similarities

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