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Project Prepare for Baby Remodel Update

Here is a quick update of our remodel.

These pictures were taken several days ago and since then all the moldings have gone up and all the doors/stairway railing.

We have someone working on the tile in the bathroom today.

Hopefully it will be done by next week and then we can get light fixtures, our vanity and the carpet and we will be done!


I love the archway that was added.

It really opened up the staircase and added a nice touch.


I also love that our master bedroom (seen below) will have double doors:

IMG_6098 IMG_6080

The nursery (pictured below) is so cute.

It has really low ceilings which gives it such a cozy and adorable feel.

I can’t wait to decorate and set it up for our son!


The view from the nursery.

The window in this room used to be tiny so we changed it out for an extra large/tall window to bring in lots of natural light.


Remodels never go as quickly as planned but I am so glad we started as early as we did!

Whatever is left should be done within two weeks!

For pictures of the first phase of the remodel visit my post here.

I really won’t be missing that dark cedar on the walls/ceiling and that ugly old wallpaper 😉

I’ll post another update when everything is done.

Now I’m off to enjoy my Saturday!

Have a good weekend!

♥, Denise

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