Pregnancy Update 22 Weeks

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Hey week 22….I feel like you snuck up on me!

Time sure is flying these days!

Our baby boy is roughly 11 inches long – about the size of a spaghetti squash – and weighs almost 1 pound.

It looks & feels as though I’ve had a growth spurt in the past week; this boy is sure growing fast.

He’s still kicking and squirming more and more each day…usually in the evenings when mama is tired after a long day.

You’d think he is trying to keep me awake; causing trouble already like little boys do 😉

These pictures were taken on Saturday at my dad’s birthday party!

My dad turned 60 so the entire family got together for a picnic in the park!

We have been having beautiful weather and it’s been so nice to be able to spend part of every day outdoors.

Look at these little girls.

These are my nieces Emily and Anjalina and I think they are nothing short of perfection.

I’m glad our boy will have these two angels as cousins.




Have a beautiful Tuesday

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