Juiciest Oven Baked Chicken Breast Recipe – So Simple & Delicious

I feel like I’ve shared this recipe on my Instagram stories a hundred times and finally got the recipe up on my blog!

The problem is that I make this chicken and then we eat it so quickly, I forget to take photos!

So, before we devoured this delicious chicken I snapped a few photos for this post.

Here is my, dare I say, “almost famous” juiciest ever chicken recipe!

Those of you that have already tried it, have loved it and that makes me so happy!

There is nothing worse than dry chicken, and I promise you, this is the juiciest chicken ever.

This recipe is soooo easy and foolproof, it is guaranteed to turn out amazing every time!

I have to confess to one thing though, this recipe is not my own.

I can’t take full credit because I actually learned how to make this from my mom.

So I have to give credit, where credit is due 🙂

I make 2-3 breasts every week as part of my weekly meal prep.

You can have it with salad for lunch or reheat as a protein side at dinner.

It’s so good, you might even just eat it plain when it’s done.

I’ve done that a time or two.

Step One:

Preheat Oven to 375 degrees F

Step Two:

Generously add Olive Oil to the bottom of a dutch oven so that it leaves a nice even layer.

Step Three:

Add a thick layer of seasonings on top of the olive oil.

I like to add: seasoning salt, garlic salt, pepper, Trader Joe’s everything but the Bagel Seasoning, parsley flakes, and onion salt.

You can use any seasoning you want!

Be creative, sometimes I mix it up and add lemon pepper or chili flakes.

Step Four:

Wash and place the chicken breasts on top of this nice layer of oil and seasoning and add another layer of the same seasonings on top of the chicken (do not add more oil, just seasonings).

Just be careful not to over salt the chicken!

It will look something like this before you cook it:

Step Five:

Cover with the lid and pop it in the oven for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, flip the chicken, turn the oven up to 400 degrees F, cover the chicken back up with the lid, and bake an additional 30-45 minutes until done.

That’s it!

Slice it up and enjoy the juiciest, most flavorful oven baked chicken!

Enjoy, from my kitchen to yours!

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