October Photo Roundup

I take soooo many pictures on my phone and camera that never end up anywhere but on my phone or camera.

I am going to start what I will be calling the “monthly roundup” as a way to pick out and document some of my favorite moments in photos!

Disclaimer: 95% of the photos will be of the kids because for one, they are the cutest little humans ever and two, they do the cutest little things ever.

Here’s our October photo roundup, all from my iPhone!

Lately these two have gotten into “wrestling” and we seriously get so much entertainment out of it!

Claire’s cheesiest smile ever. About a month ago she started making this face every time we say “cheeeese”!

I tried Tea Bar for the first time in October and it was pretty delicious! Their hot chai tea was really good!

Jason and I went on a middle of the week getaway to Skamania Lodge in October and it was such a fun little getaway. You can read all about it here!

Charlie has been making, breaking, and repeating this puzzle every day since he got it.

Claire’s full of new tricks lately. Her newest one; putting everything she can find in the toilet. That puzzle Charlie was working on in the picture above, well let’s just say I found part of it in the toilet the other day (insert rolling eye emoji here 🙂 ) Also, we bought them winter boots for our trip to the lodge in December and they have been wearing them around the house non-stop.

Puckering up for our Family Christmas Card photo shoot! I will share more photos later!

Swaddled like a burrito before bed is her favorite.

Weekday strolls for coffee and to get some energy out before naps. These are some of my favorite moments with the kids, when we are just roaming around outside.

We went on our annual trip to the pumpkin patch this last weekend.

My world in this picture right here!

Happy November 1st!

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