October Amazon Haul

Hi there!

I missed a couple of months of Amazon Hauls but I’m back today with more Amazon goodies for you guys!

This month I ordered some pretty good stuff that I want to share with you all so lets get to it!

(All items are linked up at the bottom of this post!)

Yeti Mug: The Yeti mug featured in the first photo is a fav Amazon find of mine! It keeps my coffee warm longer (I usually reheat my coffee over and over again, but this keeps it warm). I also like that it comes with a lid so that I can drive with my coffee without it spilling all over me!

Nespresso Pumpkin Spice/Fall Blend Capsules: Nespresso coffee lovers are always looking for a good coffee flavor and I’m loving the Nespresso Pumpkin Spice capsules. They have just the right amount of bold, pumpkin spice flavor but they are not sweetened. So if you like your coffee sweet, you’ll have to add your own sweeteners.

The Pumpkin Spice flavor is sold out on the Nespresso website but the pack I linked up here has all of the good Fall blends, including that one!

PS: My Nespresso machine is on sale here and it comes with the Frother so you can make perfect lattes at home!

Just look at all that good foam:

Nespresso Pumpkin Spice Latte

Travel Makeup Case:  If you are looking for a great way to store/organize/carry your makeup, then this is for you! The case is hard and you can change the way the compartments are setup. So glad I got one to organize my makeup and just grab and go when I am traveling! It’s also such a good price and comes in three sizes! I got the size medium.

Birch Wood Book Case: My kids love to read and we have a ton of books! Their books were all kind of stacked on top of each other all over the play room so I wanted a way to organize them so the kids can see what they have. This shelving system is adorable! Now the kids can see what books they have and the room looks clean and tidy! (I may have shared this before when I originally bought the shelves but always get questions if they show up in photos or Instagram stories).

Tula Probiotic Glow Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm: I have three words for you regarding this product, get it now. I don’t apply a full face of makeup every morning which means I don’t apply concealer to my eyes in the mornings. Some mornings I wake up puffy eyed and this stuff is a miracle worker! It cools and makes eye puffiness and swelling go away! I drop Charlie off at school in the morning and so I don’t have a lot of time to get ready. I usually just wash my face and apply this under my eyes. By the time I get back home, the eye puffiness is gone! Good stuff ladies!

Torani Sugar Free Syrup Holiday Variety: I recently found this variety pack of sugar free Torani syrups on Amazon to make my lattes with! Such a good pack and not a bad price! I’m still working on a post with my favorite ways to make my coffee per popular request! Hopefully it will be live next week! Order this now so you can try some of my favorites when the blog post comes out 🙂 While you are at it, grab some Oatmilk, you’ll thank me later!

The Shop by Shopbop: I recently found out that Shopbop has a store on Amazon meaning that you can Amazon Prime your favorite Shopbop picks! Genius! I ordered some dresses and rompers for Vegas last month, just wanted to share the love in case you are a Shopbop shopper! You now have options!

Here is one of the dresses I bought from the Shopbop Amazon store that you guys loved when I posted it on Instagram.

You can click on the image to shop:

CMEO Dress

Shop all the items in my October Amazon haul here:

Yeti Mug
CMEO Dress
Sugar Free Syrups by Torani
Travel Makeup case
Nespresso Fall Assortment

Hope you found some stuff you like!

Happy Friday!

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