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New In: The Prettiest Blue Coat

Zara Blue Wool Coat

I cleaned out my closet last week and put my summer clothes away and pulled out the winter coats, sweaters and scarves.

The closets where we are living right now are small so I keep my seasonal items in the kids closet because they don’t have as many clothes as I do.

PS: Our new house will have a huge walk in-closet which means that all of my clothes, shoes, and bags will fit in one closet again!

After organizing and looking at my Fall/Winter wardrobe, I felt like I wanted to add some color to the mix.

I own a lot of camel, whites, creams and grays (neutrals), but not a lot of color for the winter months.

Other than blue jeans, I don’t think I really own any blue clothing items.

This pretty blue wool coat from Zara caught my eye and it adds a fun little change to my wardrobe collection.

Zara Coat

For this date night look I wore the coat with all white but I think it will be so cute with camel, denim, dressed down with sneakers, and so on.

I always purchase items I can wear multiple ways and this fits my “requirements list” for versatility.

(Read more about how I shop for clothing and how I choose staples in my posts here and here).

Also, these are the JCrew booties I purchased at the beginning of Fall on sale!

They are really comfortable and another good closet staple to have.

In other happenings besides fashion:

So yesterday I went to the gym and when I walked in, there was a sign that said the kids club at that location will be closing, permanently.

I was so bummed because the kids love going to the gym with me and because I can’t maintain a 5x per week workout routine if the kids don’t come with me.

I can’t have a nanny come watch the kids just so I can workout and if I go at night when Jason stays with them or when they go to bed, I am usually too tired.

I like to workout in the morning or early evening (4:30pm before dinnertime).

I’ve been going to this gym for years!

I immediately went to see what other gyms we have in the area and am SUPER excited that I found an even better gym with an amazing class schedule!

I’m actually glad that this happened because it forced me to see what other options there are in our area.

I am going to a cycle class at 5:30pm today and can’t wait! I hear their cycle classes are amazing and they have all brand new bikes!

I know this is such a small thing, but it’s awesome how things work out sometimes!

It’s just a little reminder that we can’t always control what happens in our life, but we can go with the flow and figure out another option and in the end, sometimes it’s even better than before 🙂

Just a little thought for your Wednesday that can be applied to so many aspects of our life, not just something as simple as my gym scenario 😉

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