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There are so many beautiful resorts and hotels in Mykonos. I would say that any 4-5 star resort would be a good choice.

Most of them come with pools, restaurants, a spa and more.

We stayed at the Myconian Ambassador and it was gorgeous! We had a room with our own private pool for the first part of our stay and then switched to a different view and a hot tub room with a balcony.

They had a gorgeous spa with multiple soaking pools and we got a couples massage which was so relaxing. The resort also had little shops, was a two minute walk from the beach and had an amazing all inclusive breakfast buffet.

I would highly recommend this resort.

I can’t say much about renting a home there because we didn’t really look into it, but you can’t go wrong with a resort style accommodation.

Just be sure to look at location (proximity to the beach) and read lots of reviews!


Kikis Tavern – Agios Sostis Beach – They have authentic Greek food and have no electricity! Everything is cooked on a fire grill. The grilled feta cheese and pork chops are amazing. A must try.

Principote, Panormos – This place had an amazing seafood linguini and crab! It’s on the pricier side but absolutely delicious.

Fokos Taverna – This is a cute little restaurant in the middle of nowhere near a beach. It feels like something you would see in a movie and is delicious. Fokos is family owned and probably the more authentic Greek food we tasted on the island. It was my favorite spot!

Nobu Sushi Mykonos – Nobu anywhere. Enough said.

In the downtown area and near the windmills there are lots of places to eat! Anything you choose is pretty decent and you must get crepes and Greek coffee at least once on the trip.


If you just plan on staying on your resort and walking distance to a beach, then you don’t really need a car but I highly recommend renting a car or buggy to explore the island. There are so many beautiful beaches and sights to see!

We rented buggy’s for about 5 days and drove all over the island and spent each day on a different beach.

It was one of the most amazing experiences. There are so many old, historic homes and churches on the island.

Definitely rent some sort of transportation, just remember to drive safe. The drivers in Greece are pretty crazy compared to drivers in the United States. There weren’t really any rules on the road.


So much to do and so little time! You need at least 4-5 days to really even get a taste of Mykonos. Especially if you rent some sort of transportation.

Here are some things I would highly recommend seeing:

Nammos Beach – this is an upscale beach where you can often spot celebrities. It’s not cheap but so worth it. It’s such a beautiful beach and was my favorite daytime hangout.

Agios Sostis Beach – this is more of a locals beach. It is free to visit and is not commercialized. You have to bring your own towels and food and drinks but it’s a gorgeous spot and this is where Kiki’s Tavern is. You can lounge on the beach and have lunch at Kiki’s, that is what we did one day.

Principote Beach – this is a more secluded beach and is a little bit of a drive from the center of Mykonos but is absolutely breathtaking. Principote is more of  a boho California vibe but we loved spending a day here.

The famous Windmills – these are near downtown and are so pretty. The coffee shops near the windmills are really cute too. You can sit out on the strip and watch the waves crash against the dock at sunset. It’s breathtaking.

Wander through “Little Venice” which is Mykonos 18th Century district.

Visit all of the little shops and restaurants in downtown Mykonos.

This site has some great suggestions for what to see in Mykonos!

Mykonos is not cheap, so keep that in mind when planning a trip there.

Everything from food to lodging to transportation is really inflated. I think it would be really hard to see a lot in Mykonos if you are on a tight budget so make sure you save up a good amount of activity money for your trip!

We felt fairly safe but we travelled with another couple and always stayed together. We didn’t carry a lot of valuables around town and mostly kept to ourselves.

The people are friendly and I would highly recommend Mykonos as a place to add to our bucket list!

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PS: I wrote this post months ago and forgot to post it, but better late than never I guess!

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