Mother’s Day in Maui

I hope all of you mama’s had a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday!

For Mother’s Day this year we had breakfast brought up to our room. I told Jason I didn’t want to rush to make it to a busy breakfast on Mother’s Day but would rather just have a slow morning in with him and the kids.

We then went on a long walk along the beach (2 miles!) and spent the rest of the day by the pool.

For dinner Jason made reservations at one of the restaurants in the Four Seasons and we had the most beautiful sunset dinner! The kids absolutely loved it! You will see a few photos of the sunset at the bottom of this post, it was breathtaking and the perfect way to end the day.

Getting family photos of all 4 of us on vacation is hard. Usually when we ask someone to take a photo, they either cut off our feet, shoot at a weird angle or the picture is blurry.

I was so happy when a stranger took these photos for us and they turned out so perfect!

Gosh, I love these two little faces. This is our first time traveling this long with the kids and overseas and I am literally loving every single moment we’ve had.

I feel so thankful and blessed! I know on Mother’s Day we celebrate mama, but every Mother’s Day I feel grateful that God chose me to be their mama and it is a reminder for me to never forget my calling to take care of them and focus on them, even more-so than myself.

I see how quickly they are growing and I want to cherish every moment and not miss an opportunity to help them learn and grow and become amazing adults someday.

And of course I couldn’t do any of it without Jason by my side!

If you are a mom, remember that you are amazing! We have the hardest job in the world and even though often times the little things we do go unnoticed, we are fulfilling a much greater plan! You are changing the world whether you believe you are or not! You can read more about that in my post here.

When things were hard, my mom would always say “this too shall pass.” She was right. When things are hard, don’t give up! Keep pushing through, because there is always sunshine after a storm.

Whatever stage you are in right now (newborn, toddler, teenager), enjoy it. I’ve been told you miss each stage when it’s gone. I am constantly reminding myself to live for today, not tomorrow.

With that being said, I will end with these beautiful sunset photos! No filter needed:

Thanks for reading!

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