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Mother’s Day in Maui

I hope all of you mama’s had a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday! For Mother’s Day this year we had breakfast brought up to our room. I told Jason I didn’t want to rush to make it to a…


Mean Moms Raise Mean Daughters

Today I am talking about something different than anything I’ve really talked about on my blog before. Mean moms. Dare I say bullies? I see so many rude or judgmental comments on Instagram from one mom to another and…


How To Afford Being a Stay at Home Mom

Working full-time and being a mom all the time, this is a hard thing to do. I’ve been there and if this is your current situation and you wish you could be home more, then read on. (Side note:…


Things Moms Should Never Feel Guilty About

I haven’t done a motherhood type of post in a while! Posting my outfits is easy because I get dressed every day anyways and setting up my camera to snap a few outfit photos is quick. It probably takes…


Life Lately

Hi there! Things have slowed down a little here on the blog because life’s been so busy! Good, but busy. The company that I work for got acquired at the beginning of January and because I work in their…