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Happy Monday!

The weekends are awfully short aren’t they? We had such a good weekend other than Claire falling and hitting her front tooth pretty hard. She loves to climb and she managed to climb on the window sill in her room and fell off and hit her two front teeth on a little wooden stepping stool.

I had literally stepped out of the room for one second to put something away in the next room and Charlie came running after me and said “mama hurry something happened!” He’s always so sweet taking care of Claire.

When I came back into her room she was crying and bleeding just a little so I didn’t think much of it. She calmed down and we got dressed and went to church. After church she fell asleep in the car on the way home. When I picked her up out of her car seat she bumped her mouth against my shoulder and started crying really hard. When I looked at her face it was all bloody and at this point she was bleeding badly! When I looked at her tooth it was pushed in, Jason and I freaked out!

We calmed her down and the bleeding stopped and I couldn’t get her in for an appointment so I put her down for a nap. When she woke up she was much better but I was so worried.

We saw a dentist this morning and they said she will be ok. Her tooth is a little wobbly but it should heal on it’s own. Thank God for that, I was afraid it would be much worse!

Kids, they love to explore and keep us on our toes, that’s for sure! I want to let them be adventurous but I also don’t want them to get hurt! I’m sure all of you moms can relate to this! Oh well, they grow so fast and I guess we can’t protect them from everything but we can certainly do our best!

In these photos I am wearing a pair of my new Mother Denim jeans and I love them. If you haven’t tried Mother Denim before you totally should! Their jeans are so comfortable and flattering and really great quality. I linked them up above along with the rest of my look.

I hope your week is off to a great start!

PS: I added a “Shop My Instagram” page where you can shop all of my Instagram looks directly. I’ve been getting a lot of requests on this and finally got around to doing it. I am still slowly adding previous outfits and will be better about linking future ones!


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