Claire Turns Five – Mermaid Themed Birthday Party!

Claire turned 5 on June 6th!

I was looking back over her previous birthday parties and cannot believe how much she’s grown!

I feel like she’s really changed the most in this previous year and is such a little lady!

The morning started out with our birthday tradition of pancakes and presents first thing in the morning.

Claire is loving all things mermaid as you will see throughout the theme of her birthday party.

After pancakes and presents, she got dressed in the prettiest pink dress and we headed out to the nail salon to get our nails done.

It was her first pedicure and she was so excited and so sweet!

She chose a mermaid blue with sparkles on top.

We had the best time and I’m looking forward to many more mani/pedi dates in our future.

After our nails were done we had a little coffee date and headed home to setup for her mermaid party!

Here are a few photos!

This is a big year for Claire because she starts kindergarten.

It’s also a big year for this mama because for the first time since being a mother, I won’t have a child home with me that isn’t in school.

To stay I’m struggling with that would be an understatement!

I’ve gotten so used to having one of them with me pretty much at all times, so it’s going to be a big adjustment for us all!

Happy birthday to our beautiful princess!

She definitely lights up our lives and is so special, sweet, and truly a princess!

We love you Claire bear!

Here is a little video my sister-in-law Jenn put together!

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