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Happy Monday!

Look at those moody cloudy skies behind me! I was worried that it was going to rain but not even a few minutes later, it was blue skies and sunny again.

We took these photos on Saturday when we arrived at our new resort. We moved from Lahaina to Wailea for the second week of our trip. Now that I have stayed on both sides of the island, I think I still love Wailea more! The resorts here are so beautiful and the walking paths and beaches are so well kept.

Lahaina is beautiful too, don’t get me wrong, but Wailea is my fav!

The beach at our resort is in a little bay so the waves don’t crash as hard and the kids can jump around in the ocean all day. I think they love it even more than the pool. We plan on spending all day today at the beach and then we want to checkout the Aquarium either tomorrow or Wednesday.

I am still getting a lot of questions about my different swim coverups so I am linking them all up again here to make it easy for you guys to find them! Sorry if I don’t respond to your DM’s or messages! I try to get to as many as possible in the mornings while we are all waking up and then I am not on my phone much throughout the day.

I have this same cover up in white but am really loving the yellow! They have a few other color options that I linked up as well because the white and yellow are sold out. The red and mint colors are so pretty! Don’t be surprised if you see me wearing those in the future…! That’s how much I love them!

I hope you all had a happy Mother’s Day!

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