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Master Bedroom

I love our master bedroom. It’s a large room and and it’s cozy.

Every morning the kids crawl into bed with us and in the evenings we all jump in bed and hangout before bedtime. I fold laundry on the bed while the kids jump up and down or built forts and Charlie and I take afternoon naps together.

My husband and I spend time in here too after the kids are in bed and have spent many late nights talking and laughing.

This room is really central to our home and I wanted it to be functional and comfortable.

Our bed is a California King, so it’s super large and spacious. The blanket and duvet as well as the white pillows are from Ikea. We’ve had them for a few years now and I love how easily they wash without wrinkling too much.

I can’t keep a real plant alive for the life of me but I do love how plants make a room come alive. This fake fiddle leaf tree from World Market is a pretty good one and I linked it up below.

Claire woke up from her nap as I was talking these photos and came in the room and sat on this bench and asked me to take photos of her too.

She’s such a little beauty <3

This bench is her favorite spot. She sits here and reads books or lays down and watches me get ready or put things away.

Even though we are just renting right now until we find our forever home, this place still feels like home. If you decorate and make your space functional and comfortable, any space can feel more like home.

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