Magical Christmas Tree

The tree becomes the center of our living room this time of year. The colors, ornaments and lights make the room feel so magical. I considered doing a clear and white only themed tree this year but, when I pulled out my boxes of Christmas decor, I was instantly reminded of so many memories as I looked at each ornament.

Many of our ornaments are from mine and Jason’s first Christmas together as a married couple. I’ve come to really cherish them because they remind me of that special first Christmas in our own home. A lot of the others are handmade by us, are vintage, or were gifts to Charlie and Claire from the grandparents.

I decided that rather than buying all new ornaments, we would just keep adding to our current collection. It’s kind of special to talk about the memories of each ornament as we decorate the tree. Not to mention, I have always loved a colorful tree.

Do you buy new ornaments each year and change up the theme or do you keep all of your ornaments like we do as memories? Each year our tree has become a memory of “Christmas Past” and it’s kind of special now!


We’ve been dancing around and singing as loud as we can to our favorite Christmas tunes and talking about Santa non stop. Every morning Charlie asks me “is Santa coming today?!”

He’s been trying to figure out how Santa is going to fit down our tiny chimney but nonetheless, he knows he will make it some how!

I’ve always loved Christmas so much. From Thanksgiving to after New Years, this is by far the best time of year.

I heard on the news yesterday that we may have a chance for snow on Christmas day here in Portland! Wouldn’t that just make it all even more wonderful than it already is?

We are counting down the days and enjoying every single moment of it!

Happy Wednesday!


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