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Living Room Update with Fred Meyer Direct

Online shopping is my favorite way to shop.

Between work, the kids and taking care of the household, I find it hard to find the time to shop for clothing, home decor or other items.

When the kids nap or go to bed for the evening, I love to grab a warm cup of tea, sit on the couch with my favorite throw blanket and my laptop and browse my favorite online stores.

I can take my time without the kids tugging on me every second because they are bored and ready to go home.

One store that has recently been added to my favorite places to shop online is Fred Meyer! They now have Fred Meyer Direct where you can find anything from home decor/housewares to apparel to toys and electronics.

They’ve had the cutest home decor selection lately! I used Fred Meyer Direct for some new throw pillows and a coffee table to give our living room a little update.

I love how it turned out!

I always love changing up the pillows on our living room couches to give the space a different feel.

The quality of these pillows are so, so good and I love the simple design and textures. They matched perfectly with my rug!

I also really loved these mustard throw pillows and these boho pillows as well.

This coffee table is from Fred Meyer Direct and is on sale right now!

I saw a similar one at a big brand name store for 4x the price!

We used to have a rectangular wooden coffee table and I just didn’t like how it fit with the way our living room is setup. I’ve been wanting to change it for some time now.

A round coffee table fills in the space so much better and I love the sleek glass top and black frame of this one that I just got.

Really want to put a Wishbone Chair like these in this Corner soon!

We spend so much time in this living room and the kids love to jump, play and have a good time.

I love to have nice things but don’t want to spend a lot of money with little kids around.

Couches and pillows get stained, coffee tables get scratched and things get beaten up, it’s just bound to happen.

If I spend hundreds of dollars on a coffee table, I will feel horrible if it gets ruined. I also don’t want to constantly be nagging my kids about not ruining the furniture, where is the fun in that?

Kids should be kids and my furniture shouldn’t stop them from doing so!

I love that Fred Meyer Direct not only offers things at an affordable price, but they are trendy and durable.

You can still have nice things without breaking the bank, you just have to shop smart 😉

With the holidays coming up, they have something for everyone on your list and best of all, it gets shipped directly to your front door.

If it doesn’t fit or workout, you can box it back up and ship it back or return it to your local Fred Meyer store. Easy, easy!

Checkout Fred Meyer Direct here!

(This is a sponsored post. All of the opinions expressed in this post are my own, I never work with brands I don’t personally use and love!)

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  1. Love the look of the whole room! Did you get the rug/couch from Fred Meyer Direct as well?

    1. The rug is from Overstock and couch is Ikea 🙂 Here is the link for the rug: https://rstyle.me/n/da7mcncc6bf

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