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Lighting for Our New Home – What I Ordered

I’ve been sharing a lot of what I have been ordering for our new home and today I want to share the lighting that we ordered!

I feel like ordering lighting was really challenging because:

  1. there are a million options
  2. I wanted to stick with a general theme in the house

Hopefully when all the lighting gets installed there is a nice congruent style, if not I just tell people it will be eclectic, ha!

The entire house has Can Lights so I didn’t have to order lighting for every single room, that made my shopping easier.

Here is all the lighting we ordered for our home:

Hinkley Wall Lamp
Yeon Outdoor Globe Pendant
Seagull Outdoor Lights
Ceiling Light
Leeds 2 Light Vanity
Leeds 3-Light Vanity Light
Hinkley Euclid Chandelier
Rejuvenation Bathroom Light
Rejuvenation Schoolhouse Pendant
Beaded Chandelier
Industrial Ceiling Light
Pathson Industrial Wall Sconce
World Market Whitewash Chandelier Wall Sconce

Seeing this lighting all together I see a touch of modern farmhouse, some schoolhouse and contemporary.

It seems like there area a few styles but they will each be in different spaces and overall it should work with the furniture pieces I’ve either already purchased or have been eyeballing.

I pulled a lot of inspiration for lighting from one of my favorite designers: https://www.katemarkerinteriors.comĀ 

I love how she mixes different style and makes it all work with neutral furniture pieces and crisp whites and creams.

You can see what I ordered for Claire’s Room here and what I ordered for Charlie’s Room here.


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