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Zara Blue Wool Coat
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New In: The Prettiest Blue Coat

I cleaned out my closet last week and put my summer clothes away and pulled out the winter coats, sweaters and scarves. The closets where we are living right now are small so I keep my seasonal items in…

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Puffer Coat + Random Things

Oh hello November, where did you come from? Anyone else feel this way? October felt like the shortest month ever but November kicks off the Holiday season and my favorite time of year! This is actually yesterdays outfit. Jason…

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My Vegas Outfits – Day 1

Sorry it took me two weeks to get this post up! I came back from Vegas and was in such a Fall mood I didn’t really give these warm weather looks anymore thought! However, because I had a lot…

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One Houndstooth Blazer, Three Ways

I’m back for another post from my series on how to wear one item in your closet multiple ways! See previous outfits in my posts here and here. Today I am going to style my favorite wool hounds-tooth blazer…

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One Jumpsuit, Three Ways

Back by popular demand, another outfit worn multiple ways! Last week I shared One Skirt Worn Four Ways and you guys loved it so today I am sharing One Jumpsuit worn Three Ways! I’ve decided to make this a…

One Skirt Four Ways
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One Skirt Worn Four Different Ways

One thing I’ve learned over the years when it comes to fashion is “Quality Over Quantity.” I used to have so many clothes, probably double, if not triple the amount of clothing than what I currently own. I had…

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Rock Band Tee

Today was super productive! I organized the kids entire room, every single corner. Charlie starts school in 3 weeks and I had to go through his clothes to see what fits, what doesn’t and what else he needs for…