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Life Lately – New Home, Moving Prep, Pretty White Dress

White summer dress

Hi friends!

I haven’t posted in a few weeks and if you follow me on Instagram, then you know I’ve been busy!

These photos are from Mother’s Day and I honestly don’t really have any other photos to post right now, so today’s blog post is going to be an outfit post mixed with a house update, mixed with a life update!

We are on the finishing stages of our home build!

I’ve been spending longer days at the house making sure everything is done how we want from the tile work, to the floors, to the kitchen install and landscape.

The exterior of the house is 90% done.

Paint, gutters, roof, it’s all there and so pretty!

Our front porch concrete goes in tomorrow and then our landscaper can start the sprinkler system install and install the pavers in the backyard.

Basically that is all we have left outside including the poles on the front porch which we will wrap once the porch is in and then we can install outdoor lighting.

As far as the interior goes, bathroom tiles are almost done and my kitchen got installed last week!

Checkout my Instagram story highlights if you missed that, the kitchen is sooo beautiful!

Hardwood floors are done and now our finish guy is coming in next week to install doors, trim and moldings.

Once that is done we can paint and do all of the finishing touches like lighting, plumbing fixtures, hardware install, grout, etc.

We are about a month from completion, can you believe it?!

It has been a long journey since we first purchased the home but I’m so happy with how everything turned out and it has been a pretty exciting process.

I am still putting together the blog post with all of your home build questions including where I purchased things from, but I will post it hopefully in the next couple of weeks.


Pretty White Sundresses

White Sun Dress

We are currently renting and have to be out of our rental on May 31st.

I spent about 3 hours going through my closet after the kids went to bed last night.

I’m trying to pack a few closets a week because the movers are coming on the 30th and everything needs to be packed and ready to load and move.

Unfortunately, the house won’t be done until the middle of June but thankfully my parents live nearby and we can just move in with them for a couple of weeks.

They are empty nesters and have lots of space in their home for us!

It will be like a mini vacation at grandma and grandpas house!

They have a big, beautiful backyard (actually these photos were taken in their yard) and the kids will enjoy the extra outdoor space.

White Sundress

So, there you have it, that has been our life lately sprinkled with home-school and the regular every day routine of things.

And before I wrap up, let’s talk about this dress for a second!

It’s so comfy and on sale and gorgeous! I will link it up here for you:

ASOS White Dress
Lack of Color Wide Hat
Zara Sandals


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