Life Lately

Sometimes life gets busy , and for me; I’m in one of those go-go-go times right now.Here is what I’ve been up to lately captured through Instagram


  • Spending countless hours going to open houses. This picture was taken on a Sunday in the car w/ my hubby going to open house Sundays:

  • Trying to eat healthy & take my vitamins which means extra time spent preparing meals so I don’t eat out:

  • I joined the gym again to help me stay in shape and stay motivated. This was taken after my first workout back at the gym. I was happy to be back and felt great!

  • Casual outfits  and pulled back hair because when you are on the go you need cute AND comfortable:

  • Focusing more on my relationship with Jesus Christ. I’m trying to spend more time reading the Bible daily and reflecting on it. I’m also part of a Precept Bible Study class and we are currently studying the Book of Esther. When this part of my life is neglected a lot of other things seem to fall apart. Staying centered on His word helps me stay focused and renewed each day:

  • Trying to make sure I get  enough rest and downtime. I’m still recovering from a cough I’ve had for 3+ weeks now!

  • And of course, I have to fit in my much loved craft time:

  • Spending lots of quality time with my husband who brings so much joy to my life, and I can’t forget little Norman 🙂


I’m just living life every day and loving every moment!

What’s occupying your time lately?


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