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Hi there!

Things have slowed down a little here on the blog because life’s been so busy! Good, but busy.

The company that I work for got acquired at the beginning of January and because I work in their finance department, I had to to work extra hours. I normally work part time but was pretty much working fulltime for a few weeks.

Not only that but we had some family in town, lots of holiday gatherings and we started house hunting.

If you follow my blog regularly, then you know we sold our house last year and are currently renting until we find our forever home.

We haven’t had much luck. Homes are still overpriced in the areas we are looking and there isn’t a whole lot of new inventory popping up right now. Hopefully more houses hit the market come spring!

It’s always nice to take a little break from social media, blogging, etc when other parts of my life get really busy.

This week things finally got back into a normal routine. Work settled down so I am back to my old part time schedule and the holidays are over.

I started my healthy eating (except for the other night when I uncontrollably binged on pizza, it happens to the best of us) and I’ve been back on my 5 day/week workout routine. It feels good and I can admit that I’ve gained a few pounds this holiday season.

That’s ok though, I have several months before summer to get back where I want to be! Sometimes you just have to live a little!

These photos are from today.

We woke up this morning and after breakfast we did some coloring and practicing our letters. Charlie will be starting Kindergarten in September so I want to get a head start on the curriculum. We then did a Target run to buy shampoo and play with the toys (and eat cake pops. I never eat these, they are so sweet but the kids love them. It’s become a Target run tradition.).

Now the kids are napping and I am going to go clean toilets, fold laundry and vacuum right after this post is done, glamorous, I know! But I love having a sparkly clean house for the weekend. Oh! And we have date night tonight which I am so looking forward to! We are trying out a new restaurant that’s been on my list to try for a while!

Well, now I’m rambling on about a lot of nothing but there you have it, a little life update and an explanation as to why I’ve been off the grid a little longer than usual.

PS: these two faces right here <3

Have a great weekend!

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