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Lace Tops – The Perfect Summer Top

How is it already Monday? I feel like this weekend flew by! We welcomed another nephew to the family, my brother in-law and his wife had a little boy. I’m not gonna lie, I got a liiiittle bit of baby fever when I was holding him last night 😉

This weekend was interesting, it poured cats and dogs on Saturday and was sunny and almost 80 degrees yesterday. I went from wearing a coat to wearing shorts. Thank you Portland for the oddest Spring weather and making getting dressed in the mornings extra challenging!

Other than the moody weather, we had a really nice weekend and I potted a few pretty hydrangeas! I’ve been decorating and setting up our back patio and will share that with you guys when it’s done. (Anyone have a ladder I can borrow to string some lights? How did we lose our ladder when we moved?!)

Now can we take a moment to talk about this top? I bought it last year and just wasn’t that into if for some reason, so it sat virtually unworn in my closet. I think I wore it when I was working once or twice with black slacks.

I saw someone on Instagram wearing something similar and suddenly got some inspiration on how to wear this beautiful top that was just waiting to be worn! I guess I imagined this as a more “dressy” top and am glad I got the idea to dress it down!

I linked up a bunch of very similar ones below and all of them are great prices! I think I am going to order this one today, I love the puff sleeve! These tops are so feminine and beautiful. I felt so “put together” but was comfortable and casual at the same time. That’s my kind of outfit! I’m sure this top will be making it’s debut again soon!

The earrings I am wearing in this post are the ones I am giving away on my Instagram giveaway! If you haven’t entered, make sure you do here! I am choosing two winners tomorrow night: 1 will win a $150 Amazon gift card and the other will win a pack of 4 of these earrings (linked up below).


It’s Monday and I have lots on my list today! I am working on some projects for Jason and then going to squeeze in a workout at some point today! Here’s to another week!

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