It’s a BOY!

What Little Boys are Made Of!

“A wee bit of dirt and a devilish grin

Curios eyes and spaghetti sauce chin…

A dollop of mud behind his right ear,

and a handful of worms in his pocket I fear.

You see his knees through the holes in his jeans,

He likes ice cream but won’t eat his beans.

He’s made of mudpies and bubble gum kisses,

and wonder at Christmas and Birthday wishes.

And a heap of giggles and wiggles and love,

These are all the things little boys are made of.”

Poem via pinterest


We found out on Wednesday that we are going to be having a baby BOY!

I see a little something sticking up in the picture (how cute is that!?):



{My husband will now have a little soccer buddy,

I’ll have another reason to give out lots of kisses and hugs}

I’m so excited to have lots of little planes, trucks, cars and little boy toys scattered around the house!

I cannot wait to be his momma!


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