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Hydrangeas for My Garden + This Week’s Home Update

There is this beautiful home that we pass by on our evening walks every day that has their front yard lined with the most beautiful white hydrangeas you will ever see. White Hydrageas were our wedding flower and they are one of my favorite flowers.

Just look how beautiful!

On our walk to the park Friday night I just so happened to have my camera with me because I wanted to take some photos of the kids on the playground and I asked Jason to snap some photos of me in front of these gorgeous blooms.

I mean, I was wearing a white dress too and it wasn’t even planned!

When we do the landscape at our new home, I want to line our yard with these same Hydrangeas, front and back if possible! They do really well in Oregon’s climate and are pretty low maintenance which is a plus!

They also make for the perfect photo backdrop!

Speaking of our new home, the Plans are at the city and we are still waiting for final approval. I guess we should be all approved and ready to start the construction in about two weeks!

Honestly, it’s been going much faster than we thought, hopefully this pace will keep up!

Last week someone came and demolished the kitchen and bathrooms and now we are just waiting for the plans to be approved to basically tear down the rest of the house. SO MUCH ANTICIPATION, I can hardly stand it 🙂

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