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How I Take My Photos

Happy Monday friends!

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about my photos: what camera and lens I use and how I edit them.

(All of the products I use are linked at the bottom of this post, just FYI as I will not be linking them until the end. Saves me some time having to link them in every paragraph!)

I use a Canon EOS 80D and I absolutely LOVE this camera. When I was shopping around for a new camera I was trying to decide between the Canon 7D and the Canon 80D and the main reason I chose the Canon 80D is because it has a flip open screen.

90% of the time I take my own photos with a remote so I need to be able to see what I am taking photos of.

The screen on the Canon 7D doesn’t flip open so you can’t use the camera in “selfie” mode. The Canon 60D quality is just as good and I am glad I went with this model.

The screen is also touch screen so I can focus on my face by simply touching it on the screen and it even tracks your face for videos so they are always clear and in focus! I LOVE this feature. The Canon 80D was definitely designed with bloggers and YouTubers in mind.

I am currently using a Canon EFS 18-135mm lens for everyday photos. This is a great lens because you can zoom in and out so you get a nice range. The photos are soft and clear and it’s a pretty affordable everyday lens.

The photos in this post were taken with my Canon 60D with the Canon 18-135mm lens and my remote.

I simply place my camera on a tripod, flip open the screen so I can see what I am shooting, and use the remote on a 2 second timer. The 2 second timer gives me just enough time to hide the remote by putting my hand down or in my pocket, etc.

This camera has an Auto mode but I’ve watched a lot of tutorials on how to adjust the settings and found what I like using Manual mode.

With a little practice and some tutorials you can get some amazing photos in different lighting situations (indoor, sunny, cloudy, etc).

Another awesome feature with the Canon 60D is the WiFi capabilities which allows me to transfer the photos from my camera to my phone instantly, anywhere!

I used to wait for my husband to come home and take photos of me or I worked with a photographer but, in winter time it gets dark so early and my schedule is so full coordinating with a photographer isn’t always possible.

In order to be able to create content, I had to find a way to take my own photos and that is what I have been doing for about a year now!

Most of my Instagram photos are taken this way, including the ones with me and the kids. I just gotta make it happen 🙂

When I take photos inside the house, I use a ring light. Here is an example of a time I used a ring light because it was dark and gloomy out and I don’t always like how my home lighting looks.

If the lighting is too yellow or the lighting casts shadows over my face, then I use my ring light.

It makes such a huge difference! If you look in the window behind me you can see the ring light reflection.

For editing I use Lightroom CC on my desktop and on my iPhone. You can just get the cheapest option for $9.99/month. It will give you everything you need for desktop and mobile and it is so worth it!

Lightroom CC is so easy to use and this will allow you purchase and use presets from your favorite bloggers if you want because they all use Lightroom CC.

I get a ton of questions about how I personally edit my photos. I don’t use a preset, I’ve just created and saved a few of my own editing presets that I like.

I don’t plan on selling these anytime soon, if ever. Sorry, I just think there is too much maintenance and “customer service” involved with presets and it’s not really something I am interested in focusing my time on right now.

I also occasionally use the Facetune App on my iPhone when I want to do a quick edit for my Instagram photos.

I like to use Facetune to remove any objects in the background that I don’t like (signs, dirty spots on the pavement, etc). I also like to use Facetune to remove imperfections on my face because you know, we all get the occasional zit or blemish 😉

***I DO NOT use Facetune to reshape my body, make myself look taller or thinner, etc. I think it is important to be authentic and be comfortable in your own skin. Plus, how embarrassing would it be if I ran into you and you didn’t even know who I was because I don’t look anything like I do online? Editing apps are amazing and fun to use but don’t lose who you are in them!

So there you have it, there’s no “secret” to great lifestyle photos. It’s just a matter of having good equipment, lighting and a little practice 🙂

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below!

Here’s the Photo Equipment I use:

Camera bundle (comes with the lens that I use everyday!):

My exact Remote Control:

My exact Tripod:

My exact Ring light:

The Lens I use:

Shop my look – this is the coziest sweater/jacket thing ever:

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