How a Stay at Home Mom Can Change the World

The kids are in bed and Jason and I are watching the Blazers basketball game (kind of boring for me hehe) and so I decided to work on some blog posts! I wanted to do a recap of today and ended up with some thoughts on motherhood once again 🙂

I’ve only been a stay at home mom for a month and a half now and I’m starting to understand why stay at home moms feel like they may not be making a “difference in the world.”

You may be seeing other women on social media, at your church, or online who are traveling the world to help orphans or working for non profits and doing all of this amazing work.


Some days it feels like the only productive thing you did was change diapers and wipe poopy butts for your baby and toddler, followed by loads of laundry, and so many dishes washed that the skin on your hands is starting to chap.

You lay down at night and scroll through your social media or watch the news and think, wow I am not making much of a difference in the world, I need to do more!

Yes, you can do this if you really feel called to, but you also don’t have to and that is OK.

Let me show you how you are already changing the world…

Every time you tell your little one you love them, you are raising a child who will grow to love like you.

Every time you wipe another butt, serve another meal, fold another load of laundry with your little ones around, watching you, you are teaching servanthood. You are showing your kids what it means to selflessly take care of someone. To give up your own needs for others on a day to day and night by night basis.

Every time your child falls and gets hurt or wakes up scared at night, and you reassure them that everything is going to be ok, they are learning to trust and feel safe and secure.

Every time you pray with your children or they see you praying for them, they see that there is hope and someone greater watching over them.

So you see, you are changing the world.

When your little ones become adults, they will remember all of these things that seem so “normal” to us, and they will share them with the world.

They will love others, be honest, trustworthy, caring, selfless, give back and be well rounded adults.

They will pass these same qualities on to their children and for many generations, the “every day” things that may seem so small to you, will grow bigger and bigger and change the world.

I’ve seen many moms look for their “calling” outside of the home. And although for some, this can work, I would argue that for most of us, our calling is our home.

If you want to change the world, start there. Start with the every day moments with your littles.

There will be good days and there will be hard days, but these are the days where we change the world, one little gesture of love at a time <3

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