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Fall Mantle
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Fall Mantle DIY

OCTTOOBBEEERRRR, Hello! We love you! It truly is the most wonderful time of year from October – January. I love the transition from Summer to Fall to Winter when the leaves change colors and the holidays roll around. This…

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Master Bedroom

I love our master bedroom. It’s a large room and and it’s cozy. Every morning the kids crawl into bed with us and in the evenings we all jump in bed and hangout before bedtime. I fold laundry on…

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6 Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

I’ve talked about our home a little here and there and about how we have been remodeling it for several years, one project at a time. Today I am sharing our kitchen facelift! Here is a little background on…

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Thrifted Treasures – Home Series

I am really really excited about this new several part series that I am starting on about all of the Thrifted Treasures in my home! Over the next few months I will be sharing parts of my home…

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Charlie’s Nursery Tour

I’ve been getting a few e-mails here and there with readers asking where I have been all these months and if I plan on blogging anymore. The answer is…  Yes!  I have just been really busy with other projects…

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Touches of Spring in our Home

  Yellows, blues and greens. Billy bobs and fresh flowers. Love birds on my mantle. Spring candles and colorful pillows. The warm sun shining through my sheer white curtains and warming up the room.   These are all a few…