hey you!

It’s been quiet here at All Things New!

I’m just stopping by to drop a quick note on what’s been happening these past few weeks since I haven’t done a post for a month. It’s been a busy few weeks….and I’ve been spending my free time just enjoying my husband and our son. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from blogging and social networking and just enjoy simplicity.

First of all, we have a six month old……. a six month what?! Charlie’s half birthday was on Friday the 7th. Someone pinch me! (I will be posting his six month photo shoot and update this week – I’m just a bit behind!) Not only do we have a six month old, but we have a six month old teether which means less sleep for mama but lots more cuddles – it’s not a bad trade off!

I’ve also been busy doing some more spring cleaning and decorating my craft room, Charlie’s nursery, and our master suite (I need to do a remodel update & share the finished space with you)! I’m excited to share pictures of these rooms with you in the next coming months as I finish them. I’m also excited to start sharing more DIY projects with you now that I have my own creative space to do it in!

Coming soon on my blog:

Charlie’s 6 month photo update.

A sweet proposal captured on camera.

Make your own journal/scrap book DIY.

A cute project idea made out of Origrami polaroid prints.


For now I’ll leave you with these adorable pictures of Charlie on the swing.

His new favorite thing to do:




My sweet little stud!


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